Signs of an Intense Effort-Maker – Part II

You are even now playing games of childhood.

Do you still have a desire to play childhood games? You create something, you sustain it and you destroy it: what sort of game is this? It is the game of blind faith of the path of bhakti. Maya will definitely come, but according to your stage now and the time, she should not come in that form but come to take leave. She should come to salute you. Do you not have to prepare to go back home now? Will you see her saluting you for some time or will you go just like that?

The Shaktis now have to have all the experiences. BapDada even renounces this fortune and gives it to the Pandavs and Shaktis as a blessing. This is why Shaktis are worshipped a great deal. The bhagats have started to call out to the Shaktis from this time. Can you hear their sound? The further you progress, the more you will have the experience of bhagats lighting incense and singing praise in front of the idols. You will smell that fragrance practically and experience their call as though they are in front of you and calling out to you. Just as with binoculars, you are able to see a distant scene very closely, in the same way, your divine stage will work like binoculars. There will be this success through the consciousness of the Shaktis.

Just as it is said: Son shows the Father, in the same way, in return you reveal the Father.

BapDada does not see this part in a practical form, but this is the part of the Pandavs and Shaktis. So you have to become faithful and obedient to such an extent that you do not let even one second or one thought go by without it being ordered: this is called being obedient.

And what do you mean by being faithful? Someone who is completely faithful would not have anyone except the Father in their thoughts, dreams and would not see anything except the Father’s task, the Father’s praise and the Father’s knowledge. Such souls are called completely faithful. One Baba and none other: nothing else is visible in their dreams or in their consciousness. Such souls are called completely faithful.

What is the practical sign of those who are obedient? Honesty and cleanliness: there should be honesty and cleanliness even in your thoughts, not just in your words. You have to check yourself to see to what extent you have to become faithful and obedient.

If the love of the intellect is constantly with the One, you cannot be colored by the company of others. The reason for lacking love in the intellect is that the attraction of the many other types of company pulls you. So break away from everyone else and connect yourself with only One: this is the first promise. To fulfill this promise means to be completely faithful.

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