Signs of an Intense Effort-Maker – Part I

Baba explains that you are worthy children and this is why you are following Shrimat.

The extent to which Baba has faith in the children, accordingly, the children do not have that much faith in themselves. This is why the result of being victorious in every task is only visible sometimes. Just as you do have faith in Baba and faith in the study, in the same way, you are lacking faith in the intellect for the self at every moment and in every thought. When will you remove this weakness? In two or three years time? Do not think about two or three years even in your dreams. What should you say? Now.

Those who are fast effort makers will never allow the word “sometimes” to emerge from their lips.

They will always say, “now”. Not only will they say, “now”, but they will practically do it now. Such a soul is a fast effort-maker. You are ascending and so you should be close. If you have kept a margin of two or three years, would you be counted within the line of those who are fast effort-makers?

To be a fast effort-maker means that whatever weakness is visible or whatever is lacking should be finished at this moment.

When you have awareness, then because of having power at the time of having awareness, to remove any weakness feels as though an ordinary task is automatically being carried out without thinking about it. This becomes natural.

In order to make such effort, continue to make the teachings that you receive, day by day, your practical form.

Do not keep the teachings in your intellect in the form of teachings, but make every teaching your form. What will you then become? The original stage which is praised: your stage will become that of the embodiment of knowledge, the embodiment of bliss. Do not keep it in your intellect in the form of points, but make the point your practical form, then your stage will constantly be that of a point. At present, the majority of you imbibe the point in the form of points, and you speak about them. However, when you put the point into your practical form, then instead of just speaking about it, you will become an image that grants visions. So continue to make this effort.

Such souls are called worthy souls who give the proof. Worthy children are called faithful and obedient.

Do you all you consider yourselves to be obedient? Since you have the blessing of victory, through what do you attain victory? If you are following one order, you are obedient, are you not? Do you constantly obey the directions? What is the main direction? To constantly stay in remembrance and to have purity in your thoughts, words and actions. There should not be impurity or uncleanliness even in your thoughts: this is called complete purity. You have become such obedient children, have you not? Is the Shakti Army pure and yogi, or do you still have to become that? You are constant yogis: constant means that you do not have any impurity even in your thoughts. If you are touched by the old impure sanskars in your thoughts, it cannot be called complete purity.

It is said that if someone sees a wrong action being performed, there is an impact of that even by just seeing it. An account is created of that too. If you think in these terms, then if the old sanskars and impure thoughts even touch the intellect, you would not be called a real Vaishnav or one with complete purity. To what extent have you kept this as an aim of your effort? Just think: since you have to reach that stage, do these little things seem right even at this time?

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