Divya Buddhi Data – The Bestower of the Divine Intellect

Baba is called the Businessman and the Jeweler. He does the business of jewels and then He is also the Magician because only He has the key to the divine intellect.

Baba has now given you the third eye of knowledge.

The gift you receive from the Father is the third eye. You receive the eye of recognizing the Father as soon as you take birth. As soon as you receive your third eye, what are the fisrt words that emerge from everyone’s lips? “Baba.” There is recognition and this is why you say “Baba.”

Baba has given you children the third eye of knowledge through which you consider yourself a soul and remember Baba as He is and in the form He is. The more love your intellect has for Baba, the more you are able to understand this. Baba says: Your love must be for Me alone. ..Baba says: Whilst seeing a body, remember Me. You souls have now received the third eye in order to see Me and understand Me. Make use of it!

You are now those with a divine intellect. I am now giving you the knowledge that is in God’s intellect.

The Father has come at the Confluence Age. He gives you children divine vision and the third eye of knowledge through which you now know the whole world.

Baba has come here to ignite your lamp. He doesn’t work through inspiration. Baba says: I am now making you into those with a clean intellect. I pour the oil of knowledge into you.

Baba opens the lock on your intellect. No one can open this Godrej lock.

The Father has opened the lock on your intellect whereas all other human beings have a godrej lock on their intellect. They have a completely tamopradhan intellect.

The Father says: I have come only to open the lock on the intellect! However, your actions are such that the lock doesn’t open! So what can Shiv Baba do? If you say that your intellect is not opening, that is your fortune! That is your part in the Drama! How can Baba change that?

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