Tyag and Tapasya

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं? प्यार है? Accha!

Baba talks about the importance of “Tyag” (renunciation) and “Tapasya” (penance). Typically when we think of the word “renunciation”, we equate that with “giving up” something or “sacrifice” and with “penance”, we think of it as living a life in repentance for our sins. We are immediately reminded of kings renouncing their throne and going away into the forest to live a life of quite contemplation, people renouncing their wealth and joining a charity or an ashram. But regardless, the underlying emotion that we associate with renunciation is one of loss and solitude.

So is this what Baba means by renunciation? It’s hard to believe that a Father would want His children to “lose” everything or teach them to leave home and their responsibilities. On the contrary, He would only want the best for His children, see them live in happiness and joy with all of the best comforts. No wonder then that He has come to transform this old world to new and establish Heaven on earth. Nothing less would do for His sweet, most beloved children!

And talking about responsibilities, Baba makes us more responsible than we ever were by reminding us that in fact, I am responsible for not just myself or my family, but that this whole world is my family – my brothers and sisters. He is teaching me to be a world server today so that I can effectively shoulder my responsibility of a world emperor tomorrow. It’s safe to say, He’s not asking me to move into a forest anytime soon!

So how then am I a renunciate? Well, as part of teaching me to serve, Baba reminds me that I am a soul and teaches me to see everyone else as a soul too. And as I embrace this consciousness of being a soul, I automatically “lose” the consciousness of being a body. He teaches me of the importance of elevated thoughts and that it leads to elevated words and actions. And as I transform the quality of my thoughts, I “let go” of the waste and the ordinary. He teaches me of the importance of having pure feelings and warm wishes for one and all and I “wash away” all the negativity and jealousy. He teaches me that by giving to others – be it giving knowledge or regard, I am in fact receiving and growing my own income and so I let go of my habit to hoard and my arrogance. He teaches me that Truth and greatness need no validation and so I let go of the urge to explain myself to any one and simply focus on staying honest and keeping my actions elevated. He reminds me that I am very, very special to Him and I let go of my ego. He teaches me that having access to wealth, education, technology are not what makes me good or bad but rather how I view and use them that matters and so I let go of my attachment, my dependency or the need to identify myself with these things and instead start using them in Godly service. He assures me that I am His responsibility and I let go of my fear and anxieties.  He shows me His special mirror and as I look at my reflection in it – one of a divine angel, peaceful, light and full of love – I happily let go of my vices.

Baba is the Bestower, the only Altruistic Server who does not take or expect anything in return. As our Father and Mother, He gives us spiritual birth on the basis of the blessing of purity. As a Bestower of Fortune and Wisdom, He gives us the unlimited nectar of knowledge and as a Bestower of Blessings, He becomes the Innocent Lord and offers Himself to me. And when He, the Ocean of Love and Divine Virtues fills my world, I, the soul, become the “tapaswi” absorbed in the love of just the One (Lagan Me Magan)and automatically renounce all that which caused me sorrow.

Hey, looks like tyag and tapasya are not so bad after all!

From Baba’s elevated versions of Nov 4, 2011:

Blessing: May you be a true server who achieves success in service through your renunciation and tapasya.

The main means of success in service is renunciation and tapasya. Renunciation means to have renunciation even in your thoughts. To renounce something according to the situation, according to the code of conduct or due to compulsion is not renunciation, but you have to become a renunciate by being an embodiment of knowledge and with your thoughts. Tapaswi means to be constantly absorbed in the Father’s love and to remain merged in the ocean of knowledge, love, bliss, happiness and peace. Only such renunciates and tapaswis achieve success in service and are true servers.

Slogan:To spread vibrations of peace through your tapasya is to be a world server.

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