Lord Shiva’s Names

Bhagwan ke Yaadgar – God’s Memorials
1.        Aleph The One
2.        Shiva The Benefactor
3.        Param Atma The Supreme Soul
4.        Shiv Bhagwan The God of the Gita
5.        Vichitra The One who Does not Have an Image
6.        Sat, Chit, Ananda The Truth, The Living Being, The Blissful One
7.        Prakash Punj The Great Light
8.        Ishwar The Most Elevated
9.        Parasnath The Lord of Divinity
10.    Amarnath The Lord of Immortality
11.    Somnath The Lord of Nectar
12.    Sarveshwar The God of All
13.    Jagannath The Lord of the World
14.    SarvaShaktiman The Almighty Authority
15.    Sarvagya Omniscient
16.    Bhagwan The One Who Opens Fortune, The One Who Gives Life
17.    Prabhu The One Whose Games Are Wonderful
18.    Shambhu The Benevolent One
19.    Sarvodaya The One Who Has Mercy for All
20.    Dilwala The One Who Conquers Everyone’s Heart
21.    Babulnath The Lord of Thorns
22.    Bholanath The Innocent Lord
23.    Garib Niwaz The Lord of the Poor
24.    Ruhani Shama The Spiritual Flame
25.    Bhakto ka Bhagwan The God of the Devotees
26.    Indra The Lord of the Angels
27.    Khuda The One Who Comes Himself
28.    Rudra The One Who Creates the Sacrificial Fire
29.    Mahakaleshwar The Death of all Deaths
30.    Yogeshwar The Lord of Yoga
31.    Gopeshwar The Lord of the Gopes and Gopis
32.    Jyoti Bindu Point of Light
33.    Beej The Seed
34.    Vrakshapati The Master of the Tree
35.    Behad The Unlimited
36.    Gyan Ka Sagar The Ocean of Knowledge
37.    Pavitrata Ka Sagar The Ocean of Purity
38.    Shanti Ka Sagar The Ocean of Peace
39.    Prem Ka Sagar The Ocean of Love
40.    Anand Ka Sagar The Ocean of Bliss
41.    Sabhu Ka Sai The Lord of the Morning
42.    Piyu The Beloved
43.    Rathi The Charioteer
44.    Karankaraavanhaar The One Who Acts and Gets Work Done Through Others
Bhagwan Ke Gunvachak Naam – God’s Nature and Attributes
45.    Satyam The Truth
46.    Parameshwar The Supreme Being
47.    Akaalmurat The Immortal Image
48.    Nirakari The Incorporeal One
49.    Nyara Detached and Unique
50.    Ajanma Beyond Birth and Rebirth
51.    Abhogta Beyond the Effect of Action
52.    Sada Shiva The One Who is Constant, Eternal
53.    Gyan Ka Surya The Sun of Knowledge
54.    Buddhivanon ki Buddhi The Intellect of the Wise
55.    Janijananhaar The One Who Knows All Secrets
56.    Trinetri The One with the Third Eye
57.    Trilokinath The Master of the Three Worlds
58.    Trikaldarshi The Knower of the Three Aspects of Time
59.    Trimurti The One Who Carries out Establishment, Sustenance and Destruction
60.    Rachaita The Creator
61.    Patit Paavan The Purifier
62.    Mukti Data The Bestower of Liberation
63.    Jeevanmukti Data The Bestower of Liberation in Life
64.    Dukh Harta, Sukh Data The Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness
65.    Gunon ka Sagar The One Full with Divine Virtues
66.    Nihswarath The Selfless One
67.    Vishwa Kalyankari The World Benefactor
68.    Bhagya Vidhata The Bestower of Fortune
69.    Divya Buddhi Data The Bestower of The Divine Intellect
70.    Divya Drishti Data The Bestower of Divine Visions
71.    Vardata The Bestower of Blessings
72.    Dayalu The Merciful One
73.    Kripalu The Ocean of Forgiveness
74.    Vishwa Sevadhari The World Server
75.   Sarva Rakshak The Protector of All
76.    Vighan Vinashak The Destroyer of Obstacles
77.    Antaryami The One Who Knows Everythign Within
78.    Vidhi Vidhata The Law Maker
79.    Papkateshwar The One Who Destroys Sins
80.    Dharamraj The Lord of Righteousness
Sambandh – The Relationships
81.    Parampita The Supreme Father
82.    Divya Mata The Divine Mother
83.    Param Shikshak The Supreme Teacher
84.    Satguru The True Guide
85.    Khuda Dost The Companion, The Friend
86.    Dilaram The Comforter of Hearts
87.    Param Priya The Supreme Beloved
88.    Varis The Child, The Inheritor
Divya Kartavya- The Divine Activity
89.    The Creator, Director and Greatest Actor The Creator, Director and Greatest Actor
90.    MurliDhar The One Who Plays the Flute of Knowledge
91.    Jaadugar The Magician
92.    Paras The Alchemist
93.    Veidnath The Herbalist, The Doctor, The Surgeon
94.    Mali The Gardener
95.    Dhobi The Laundryman
96.    Jauhari The jeweler
97.    Vyapari The Businessman
98.    Vakil The Lawyer
99.    Sena Pati The Marshall
100.                      Khevaiya The Boatman
101.                      Pegambar The Messenger
102.                      Gora Musaphir The Beautiful Traveller
103.                      Ranju Ramasbaz The Clever Entertainer
104.                       Kavi The Poet
105.                      Aashutosh One Who Fulfills Wishes Instantly
106.                       Palanhaar One Who Protects Everyone
107.                       Hara Remover of Sins
108.                       Anagha Without Any Fault
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