Khuda Dost – The Companion, The Friend

It is said: You are the Mother and Father.

He also becomes the Friend.

God is said to be the Friend, the number one Friend, the One who gives constant happiness.

The Friend of the hearts of all Brahmin souls has come into the garden of spiritual roses in a wonderful way, to sing songs from the heart and to fulfill the responsibility of love. Allah has come into His garden to meet you all. Generally, friends meet in a garden. You cannot find such a garden at any time throughout the cycle… Who else would have so many true spiritual friends? BapDada has the spiritual intoxication that no one has or will have so many such friends. Whether you are called children or friends, all of you say the same words: “You are mine!” And Khuda Dost says to each one: “You are Mine! Wah, My friends!”. Baba sings the song of the specialty of each soul and every invaluable jewel…Baba is telling the things of His heart to the souls who are the friends of His heart.

Did you find such a companion who is altruistic, doesn’t have favoritism, powerful and eternal?

It is sung: Consider those who defame you to be your friends. God speaks: So many defame Me! I come and become their friend. They defame Me so much and yet I consider all of them to be My children! I have so much love for them. It isn’t good to defame anyone.

As soon as you say ‘Mine’, He makes you belong to Him. The Father says: children are even cleverer than the Father. Why? You have bound God. You have bound Him, haven’t you? Therefore, is the one who binds others more powerful or the one who becomes bound? Who is more powerful? The One who becomes tied simply showed you the method , that if you tie Him in this way, He will become bound.

He is such a companion that He never steps away from you. No matter how mischievous you become, He still remains your Support. Baba has made a promise that He would be with the loving souls at every second.

Whenever you children remember Me, I become present.

The Father is Himself offering to be the Companion of the children. Will you receive such an offer from God throughout the kalpa? With the Company, anything difficult becomes easy…

Baba is carrying you in His lap of the companionship of remembrance; so why do you walk and become tired? You don’t have to do anything and yet you become tired! What is the reason for this? Your own lack of understanding.

BapDada is constantly with the children.

The Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris at the Confluence Age cannot be alone. Baba has come to give you His company constantly as you wake up, perform actions, do service and when you go to sleep. Why does Baba leave Paramdham to come here? He comes to give you His company. To give you co-operation was also the reason why Brahma Baba became avyakt. This is why Brahma Baba changed his abode. Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba are both always ready to give you their co-operation. As soon as you remember Baba, you experience His co-operation. However, you are only remembering service just service and more service. You put Baba aside and make Him observe everything from there. Therefore, BapDada watches everything as the Detached Observer and sees to what extent you are able to do everything on your own!

Keep Baba tied to you with your right and the subtle thread of your love. Because this thread becomes a little lose, your love becomes slack and you put aside your rights from your awareness. Don’t do this anymore! The Almighty Authority is offering you His company.

BapDada cannot separate Himself from the children. Baba says: I am the support of you children. But the children become mischievous. Maya makes you step aside from having that support. Even then, BapDada become your support and brings you closer…

Do you know how to use Him? Or do you think He is the greatest Father, the Teacher and the Satguru, but …. He is all relationships.

The Father says: You are my constant companions. BapDada cannot do anything without you companions. The Father says: No one can know Me without you children.

Because BapDada loves you, he won’t leave you alone. You can’t leave alone the one you love.

Love is such an elevated thing, that whether you do something or someone else does it, happiness is experienced equally in both. Bap and Dada became the instruments for service, but the children were made the companions for service. Even when the children did more than Baba, because of love, BapDada was happy seeing the children move forward. Because there was love in the heart, thoughts could not arise like “Why should the chilren move ahead in service? I am the instrument. I am the one who made them instruments.” These feelings didn’t emerge even in dreams. This is called true love, selfless love, spiritual love. He was pleased to let the children move ahead and become instruments.

If Baba is with you, all are your companions, there is no one special.

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  1. Ritu.B.K says:

    great …lovely…sweet baba…loving baba..u r always with us….baba i love u….

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