The Insurance Magnate

The Father sits here and explains what He does on the path of devotion. I do insurance on the path of devotion. People donate and perform charity in the name of God. They say: This one has donated and performed charity in the name of God. God gave Him birth in a wealthy home. There are many righteous souls on the path of devotion. They donate and perform charity in the name of God or Shri Krishna. The Father explains: Therefore, I give those children temporary fruit of that in their next birth. Good or bad fruit is definitely received. How much is insured? Whatever actions each one performs, he accordingly receives the fruit of that. Maya makes you perform wrong actions through which you receive sorrow. Now I teach you such action that you will never experience sorrow. Then it is a question of status, according to how much each one of you insures. Shiv Baba is also a Trustee. He is the number one Trustee. Other trustees would be attracted to things. Some trustees would even ruin everything for others. Look what kind of Trustee the Father is! He says: All of this is for you children. Your connection is fully with Shiv Baba. I myself do not take happiness. I give the whole kingdom to you children. A worldly father also gives everything to his children as their inheritance. I don’t take anything. I give you everything. Your whole connection is with Shiv Baba.

This Baba also says: I too have fully insured myself. The body, mind, wealth are all used for Baba’s service… Insure everything with the Father. When Sudama gave two handfuls of rice, he received a palace in return… The Father says: I am now establishing the new world for you children. This is a very clear thing. People do everything for themselves but then say that they are doing everything in an altruistic way! No one can do anything altruistically. The fruit of everything you do is definitely received. Children, I am your Insurance Magnate. I don’t waste even a penny of yours. I change you from shells into diamonds. Shiv Baba, Karankaraavanhar, does everything through this one.

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