Serving the Yagya

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं?

Baba says give your bones in serving the Yagya; become protectors of the Yagya but what does He mean?

Perhaps we start with what the word ‘Yagya’ means. The word ‘Yagya’ finds its origin on the path of devotion and refers to a sacrificial fire created within an altar into which offerings are poured amid recitation of prescribed mantras. Rituals from the path of devotion, as Baba reminds us, symbolize what we, Brahmins, do at the present time in this confluence age. So then what does the Yagya symbolize?

When you come to think of it, each soul is the Yagya. In the altar of the soul, the intellect connects to the Supreme through the fire of Yoga. It is ‘sacrificial’ because in this fire we ‘sacrifice’ our vices, negativities and weaknesses. We do this amid the silent chant (आजाजाप) of remembrance of the One Supreme Father who is also the Purifier. In the scriptures, there are stories of demons creating obstacles to the Yagyas performed by worldly Brahmins with the goal of bringing peace and happiness to the world. These demons symbolize the five vices, our own fears, insecurities and attachments that disturb the soul. And it is also now, during this invaluable Confluence Age that we, the true Brahmins, establish heaven on earth through the power of yoga. We become servers in God’s task of creating a new world that is full of peace, happiness and free from even a trace of sorrow.

And so when Baba talks about serving the Yagya or being a protector of the Yagya, He is talking about serving the self or protecting the soul. In the scriptures, the demons are shown to destroy the Yagya by pouring impure substances into the fire and finally extinguishing it. Similarly, each time I do anything that is against Baba’s Shrimat or in violation of the Code of Conduct, I am adding an impurity to the Yagya, to myself, the soul. Each time I become angry, frustrated or fearful of losing something I am attached to, I create an obstacle that weakens the inner stability of the soul and makes me vulnerable. In other words, each time I step down from my elevated stage of soul consciousness into the impurity of body consciousness, I inevitably cause sorrow to myself and others. And so to protect the Yagya, I need to constantly check my own state of consciousness, the quality of my thoughts, words and actions such that I, the soul, am constantly happy and content. Without being happy and content myself, I cannot bring happiness and contentment to others – establish the new world.

In this sense, Baba says that this whole world is the Yagya. He wants us to give each soul the introduction of the self and The Father, carry the message of One God and One world family – the Godly family. When Baba’s children around the world are stable in their original state of soul consciousness or of peace, the sacrificial fire becomes big and powerful enough to destroy the kingdom of Raavan. And so it becomes just as important to ensure the entire Godly family stays powerful as it is to remain powerful myself – even a single wet log in the altar dims the entire fire. So along with serving myself, it also becomes my responsibility to serve the Brahmin family with my pure thoughts, warm feelings and by donating virtues through my every action.

And then, at a time when that fire is powerful enough, the world will change. It will change because truth always triumphs over evil, because purity washes away sin. And so just as soon as that one more soul on the side of truth, of God tips the balance, just as that one more log is placed in the Yagya, it feels that the fire will burn away the forest of thorns and make way to a beautiful garden of flowers – the Garden of Allah.

Just one more soul…..Is that you?

तार मन की तुमही से बंधी ही रहे
आत्म ज्योति सभी की जगी ही रहे
आरजू है यही की तेरी गोद में
बाबा हँसती हर एक जिंदगी ही रहे

हो हृदय में नही बदले की भावना
सब के खातिर सदा हो शुभ कामना

उर में प्रभु प्रेम सब के बसे ही रहे

बाबा हँसती हर एक जिंदगी ही रहे

विश्व सारा हमारा हे अपना घर
सब के हम सब हमारे ही आये नज़र
हर धागा फूलों से यूं सजी ही रहे

बाबा हँसती हर एक जिंदगी ही रहे

भूले भटके उनहे पास लाना हमें
जो मिला है, उनहे दिलाना हमें
ये लगन दिल में हर दम लगी ही रहे

बाबा हँसती हर एक जिंदगी ही रहे

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