Satguru – The True Guide – Part I

It is remembered: The Satguru gave the ointment of knowledge and the darkness of ignorance was dispelled.

Of Him, it is said: The Satguru is the Immortal Image, He never experiences death. He is a soul.

In the form of the Guru, Baba sees those who follow Him numberwise. He is seeing both: those who have followed Him and those who are going to follow Him. In the teachings that He gives as a Guru, what is the main thing you have to follow? The main teaching of the Guru that you have to follow is to be bodiless, to be incorporeal and to be detached. You have the pilgrimage of remembrance (the method taught by the teacher) so that even whilst in the corporeal form, you can remain incorporeal, detached and bodiless. Only when you become bodiless will you be able to return with the Guru.

The Satguru shows you the path home and gives His company for the return journey.

The world doesn’t know the destination you are going towards. The world doesn’t even know the One who is called God. They speak of God and then say that He is in the pebbles and stones.

Children call out: Come and make us impure ones pure. So what should I do? I will not leave you behind here.

Baba doesn’t leave you children alone. Baba’s home is also the home of you children and He will take you there with Him.

Baba is making you children into beautiful flowers and seating you on His eyes and take you back home.

The Father sits you in His eyes and takes you back home with Him with so much love. He says: I make you all into the garland around My neck and take you back. He makes those who have become ugly by sitting on the pyre of lust sit on the pyre of knowledge. He settles their accounts and takes them back home. Your duty is now to study.

Baba is the One who purifies all souls, the One who opens the doors of Mukti and Jeevanmukti.

What does the Guide show you? He shows you the gates to heaven. Shiv Baba opens the gates. Krishna goes across through that and so they have inserted the name of Krishna.

Only those who have found the path through Baba will be able to show others this path. Baba alone comes and teaches Raja Yoga, that is, He opens the gates to liberation and liberation in life.

The Father explains: This is a game about a maze. It is as though you have become trapped in it. You don’t know how you can go back home and to your kingdom.

Only Baba can open the gates of heaven.

Baba teaches the whole clan and takes them with Him. It is not a question of one. I take you in My eyes and take you to the land of happiness. I have come to enable you to reach heaven. I am the Satguru for everyone.

The unlimited Father has the unlimited thought that all the children should become equal to the Father. He doesn’t feel that He should be the guru and others should become disciples. No; He wants you become equal to the Father and be seated on the Father’s heart throne. Here you don’t have to become one seated on the gaddi. Only one and two could become that. However, here the unlimited Father seats you on the unlimited throne. So all the children can claim a right.

Follow whatever Shiv Baba explains. It is of Him that it is said: Follow the Father! The Father says: Sweetest children, follow Me and become pure.

You know the unlimited Father has become your Teacher and is teaching you and is giving you directions to do this and that.

Baba gives you elevated directions for salvation. For the directions of Father, it is said: His ways and means are unique… You would become a doctor by following the directions of a doctor. Through following the directions of God, you will become gods and goddesses.

BapDada has given Shrimat, that is instructions about everything and told you how to move forward and live from amrit vela until night time, for your mind, words and actions and relationships and connections. You have been given instructions; directions about what consciousness should be maintained by the mind and what the stage of the mind should be in every action… The obedient ones receive blessings from God by having all relationships with Him. This is a law.

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