Satguru – The True Guide – Part II

If you follow My Shrimat, I promise to make you elevated.

Only Baba is the One who makes your stage ascend.

Baba comes and tells you children to consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father!

Baba comes at the Confluence Age and makes every soul his own friend. Souls become their own friend. When they receive shrimat, they feel that they will only follow Baba’s direction. You have been following your own dictates for half a cycle. It is by following Shrimat that you receive salvation. You mustn’t use your own dictates in this. Baba simply gives you directions. He gives you the most elevated directions in order to make you into the most elevated of all. Baba gives you all elevated directions to make you happy. To the extent that you follow directions, accordingly you will become elevated.

Baba says: You have to take advice from the Father at every step. When you surrender yourself, He says: Now, become a trustee and continue to follow Baba’s advice.

For everything you do, carry on asking Baba: He gives advice for everything.

Baba is very concerned with the children that ask advice from Him at every step, who have faith in the intellect and give all their news to Baba. The Father tells you a great deal what to do and how to do it… Baba advices you what to do to benefit yourself.

The Father, the One who gives instructions, gives the same instructions to all children together at the same time. He doesn’t speak to each one individually nor does He give different instructions.

Baba says: Follow My directions at every step and I am responsible for you. Baba gives directions according to the stage of the children. And He is responsible to that extent.

The Father feels the pulse of each one and gives advice accordingly, because He understands. He feels: Why should I give advice that children can’t follow? He feels their pulse and gives advice that they can follow. If I told them to do something that they can’t do, they would come into the line of disobedient souls.

Whatever orders the Father gives you, you mustn’t make any excuses. To say, “I can’t do this”, is to be disobedient. When you receive Shrimat to do something, you should understand that it is Shiv Baba’s elevated direction. His direction can never be wrong. He is the Bestower of Salvation. The Bestower can never give wrong directions.

The Father doesn’t curse you. If you do not follow Shrimat, you curse yourself.

Baba has no connection with your business etc. You can continue with whatever you need to do for the livelihood of your body. The Father simply says: Manmanabhav!

Some ask: Baba, should I do this business? Baba doesn’t give directions for such things. The Father says: I have come to show you the way to make the impure ones pure, not those things! However, children, if you want to ask about how to carry on in your work, Sakar Baba can explain such things to you very well.

Day by day, you receive corrections: Baba says: I give you totally new directions.

Baba doesn’t tell us what will happen at a particular time. Whenever you ask Baba anything, He says: I will tell you according to the Drama whatever you have to be told. You are given whatever answer you are to receive according to the Drama. You simply have to follow that. Baba cannot do anything that is not in the Drama.

You have to practice remembrance here. Baba says: There is nothing to ask in this. Yes, if something is difficult and is confusing to you, you can ask. So much time is wasted in asking Baba about trivial things!

Although some can conduct the murli very well, they have so much arrogance that, even if Baba were to caution them a little, they would be unable to continue.

I will only take souls with Me. Whether or not someone wishes to go, according to the Drama, everyone definitely has to return.

 BapDada has already told you that no matter what happens, He has to take all of you back with Him to Paramdham. Whether with love or with beating, He will take you back. He will take back those who don’t have knowledge with beating and He will take all of you children back with Him with love.

Are all of you ones who will go together with Baba? Because Baba will not stop. At that time, He will not wait. He is waiting at present. You have now been given some time, but at that time, He will not wait. At that time, He will fly in a second.

BapDada comes into this corporeal body and world in order to take everyone far away from this body and this world. Pure souls will go to their land with their Father.  Are you ready to go with Him or is there still something remaining for you to pack up? All expansion has to be merged into a point. According to the time, if you receive BapDada’s direction to go with Him in a second, would you be able to merge the expansion in a second?

Are you able to become detached from all different activities of your body, your worldly activities, the activities of service, the activities of your thoughts and sanskars of your own weaknesses that still remain? Have you become loving in order to go with the Father? Or would some activities pull you toward them…and become your temporary support that distance you from the Father’s support and His company? Would you be able to fly by stabilizing yourself on the double light seat? You are only going to receive a margin of a second. Those who think, “Should I do this or not?” will become part of the procession instead of companions. Also, is the stage of your vehicle of the subtle body ready? That is, is the vehicle of the stage of being free from the bondage of karma, karmateet, the final vehicle with which you fly with the Father in one second ready?…

Do service but do it whilst being detached from the consciousness of ‘mine’. You are now preparing new strings whilst the old ones are being broken. Even whilst understanding everything, you are now trying new strings because they are sparkling strings. BapDada sees, as the Detached Observer, the games of all the children. You are going ahead of each other in the race of the bondage of strings. Therefore, whilst amidst the expansion, maintain the form of essence.

Baba gives you the order: Remember Me!

The gurus give mantras, but where did this system start? Baba, the One who creates the new world, first gives the mantra ‘Manmanbhav’. This is called the mantra to discipline the mind, to conquer Maya. You don’t have to chant it inside, but you to understand it. Baba explains the meaning of it.

Baba, the One who enables you to reach your destination, is in front of you and will stay with you.

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