Vrakshapati – The Master of the Tree

The Lord of the Tree means the Seed of the human world tree.

He is the seed and also the Master. The Seed of the Tree is also called the Father. The tree is created through Him. This is the human world tree and the Seed is up above.

The Father explains: This is the kalpa tree and you cannot know its beginning, middle or end. I know it. I am called the Ocean of Knowledge. This One is called the Living Seed. He has the knowledge of the tree of the whole world. He knows how the tree is created, how it is sustained and how it is then destroyed. How this huge tree is destroyed and then how a new one is grown is all incognito. The knowledge you receive is incognito. The Father also comes in an incognito way.

The One who is giving you this knowledge is the Lord of the Tree. A seed is so tiny and just see how much fruit emerges from it. This tree too is so wonderful and its Seed is so tiny! The soul is so tiny! The Father too is very tiny.

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