Rudra – The One Who Creates the Sacrificial Fire

Baba says: The rosary of so many billions of souls is My rosary. This is the rosary of Rudra. I, the Flower, remain above.

This is the sacrificial fire of knowledge of Rudra. Shiva is also called Rudra. When devotion comes to an end, God creates the sacrificial fire of Rudra.

You have been saying: Baba, when you come, I will sacrifice myself to You because when I sacrifice myself to You, You will sacrifice Yourself to me for 21 births. This is a deal. I sacrifice myself to You and You sacrifice Yourself to me for 21 births. The Father says: I will not accept your sacrifice until you souls become pure.

This sacrificial fire of Shiv Baba is to purify the impure. The Father says: I come at the Confluence Age of every cycle to change you from human into deities. I create the sacrificial fire of knowledge. Everything is to be sacrificed in this sacrificial fire. The flames of destruction have to emerge from this sacrificial fire. The impure world has to be destroyed. .. You should be happy about this… It was through the Mahabharat war that the gates of heaven opened.

The Father has opened the greatest university of all. The name, ‘Sacrificial Fire of Rudra’ is mentioned in the scriptures. You know that Shiv Baba creates this school or university at this time. The Highest-on-High Father is teaching you. This is the sacrificial fire that He created… ‘The sacrificial fire of Rudra in which the horse is sacrificed’. Sacrifice the self in order to claim self-sovereignty and sacrifice everything that you see with these eyes, including the body itself. The soul cannot be sacrificed. All bodies will be sacrificed and all souls will run back home. All the many souls will run home and their bodies will be destroyed.

All of this is in the Drama…Baba says: I created the sacrificial fire of knowledge – Rudra Gyan Yagya – for your sovereignty. This has been created according to the Drama plan exactly as it was a cycle ago, in order to teach you children. To say that I created it has no meaning. This Drama is predestined. According to the Drama plan, this sacrificial fire can be created only once in a cycle.

Baba only comes once…Only the Father can come and purify you and make you into the masters of the pure world. You can see that the destruction of this impure world is just ahead. Therefore, why should you not belong to the Father and sacrifice yourself? You ask: How can I sacrifice myself? How can I transfer everything? Baba says: Children, you can see this corporeal Baba, can you not? This one is doing everything himself and also teaching you…Baba made this one do these things. He made me sacrifice everything into the sacrificial fire. There is no difficulty in sacrificing everything. This one was neither too rich nor too poor. He was ordinary. When a sacrificial fire is created, everything is needed for it in terms of food and drink.

This is God’s sacrificial fire! God came and created this sacrificial fire. He is teaching you. The praise of this sacrificial fire is very great. The livelihood for your body comes from this sacrificial fire. That is, if you consider yourself to be surrendered and a trustee. All of this belongs to God. “I am eating from Shiv Baba’s Yagya”. This is a matter of understanding. Not everyone can come and sit here. You saw the example of how he surrendered everything. Those who did it claimed their inheritance.

Your intellect can understand that souls will return home and that one will be sacrificed in this. You children have been told how you can sacrifice everything with your intellect and become destroyers of attachment. You know that it is such a huge sacrificial fire that everything is going to turn into dust. There, there will be no sacrificial fires. There will be no calamities either. All the sacrificial fires of path of bhakti will end.

Baba says: I have come to have this impure world destroyed. The entire old world is to be sacrificed in this sacrificial fire of Rudra.  Whatever future you make for yourself, you will receive that in the new world. Everything here will be destroyed. Someone or another will destroy it for you.

The flames of destruction emerge from this sacrificial fire. He doesn’t inspire anyone. All of them are instruments for destruction. It is fixed in the Drama.

God creates a sacrificial fire for peace and happiness. However, sorrow and peacelessness definitely have to be destroyed.

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