Parampita – The Supreme Father – Part II

By calling Him omnipresent, they don’t understand Him as the Father and there is no fragrance of a family.

There is sorrow and nothing but sorrow in this graveyard. A child even fights with his father. This is called the world of orphans. They have no Lord or parents to give them any teachings. When Baba sees them in such a state, He comes to make you the ones with Parents. Only Baba comes and makes everyone belong to the Lord and Master. The Parent comes and puts an end to all fighting.

The first thing that BapDada did was to bring all of you in the lovely relationship of this family. He did not just give you the knowledge that you are elevated souls but He said, “You, My children, are elevated souls”, that is, He brought you into this lovely relationship of Father and children. Then after coming into this highest relationship, your pure relationship of brother and sister was created. Once this relationship of Father, brother and sister was created, what was the result? It turned into the family of God. Did you ever dream that in the corporeal form you would become the direct children of God and claim His inheritance as an heir? Your highest fortune is to become the heir of God directly…Those who come in God’s family claim His heart throne. Such a throne cannot be claimed by anyone else except those who belong to God’s family. The specialty of God’s family is that all those who become His children claim that throne. In no other royal family do all the children claim the throne the Father, the king. But here, all God’s children are heirs to His throne.

Normally, in a lokik family, every father says that his child is a sovereign or has the desire that his child should be a sovereign. But do all the children become sovereigns? It is not possible… At the moment, all of Baba’s children are sovereigns of the self… All the children of the Highest-on-High Father have become self-sovereigns.

Shiv Baba comes and gives you children your inheritance of the sovereignty of heaven by making you worthy. You know that Baba is making you worthy. You were impure were you not?

The Father has so much concern. He says: All My children should remain happy.

The One Father has two concerns: To educate you children and then to grant you salvation. I will make you, sweetest, long lost and now found children belong to Me and take you back home with Me. You have now become the direct children of the Father.

It is only at this time, when both Bap and Dada exist, that the children have to be looked after. There are so many children who have to be looked after. He has to keep the account of each one. Just as a physical father is concerned, so He too feels it would be good if his children also become part of this Brahmin clan. My children should also become pure and go to the pure world. He doesn’t want His children to be swept away down Maya’s gutter. The unlimited Father is concerned about the children. There are so many centers! He knows which children He has to send where for their safety.

A father always gives happiness to his children. A father beats his head so much for his children… no matter what happens, he wishes to have a child because he understands that if he has a child, he will go away leaving his property to him. If he has a child, he will make his heir. So the Father would not give sorrow to you children. It is impossible.

Baba is very happy when the children experience happiness.

The Father makes you His children and then makes so much effort with you.

The Father has so much love for the children! The Father has no one but His children to remember. You have many to remember. Your intellect goes here and there. Your intellect also goes to your business. I don’t have any business etc. Many of you children have plenty of businesses. I just have one business. I have come to make you children into the heirs of heaven. The only property that the unlimited Father has is you children. He is God, the Father. All souls are His property… The Father says: I only have you. I have attachment to you. When you don’t write a letter, the Father becomes concerned… Children say: Baba, you are only One for me, but you have many children. Baba then says: Children, I only have you, whereas you have so many others! You remember so many bodily relatives.

BapDada doesn’t forget the children for even one second. There is only one Father but many children. However, Baba doesn’t forget any of you – any of all of you many children – for even a second, because you are all long-lost and now-found children.

It’s the Father’s duty to sustain you children… Whilst kumars and kumaris are still in their adolescence, their parents have to look after them. It is the children’s duty to study.

God is the Father and it is automatically the Father’s task to tell you everything and do everything Himself. A father would automatically take his children to school.  He would send them out to work and tell them that when they are sixty years old they will have to renounce everything and remember God.

The Father has come and is serving through this old body, is He not? The Father is Karankaraavanhar. He has so many concerns for the children: I have to do this, I have to build a house. Just as a worldly father has thoughts about everything limited, in the same way, the Father from beyond this world, has thoughts about everything unlimited.

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