Parampita – The Supreme Father – Part III

The Father praises you so much! I make you even more elevated than I am, just as a physical father makes his children happy.

Baba always keeps the children in front of Him. He sings the praise of the children’s virtues. In order to give you love and remembrance from the bottom of His heart, He comes everyday in the corporeal region.

You children sing the praise of the Father and the Father sings the praise of you children. I make you so elevated that your status becomes even higher than Mine. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, has come to meet you children.  He meets you through this body. This Brahma is an unlimited creator. The Father enters him and adopts him. He says: You are Mine! This offspring is mouth born. A wife too is adopted. She too is a mouth-born creation. Her husband would say: You are mine! Then he creates a physical creation with her. From where did this system start? The Father says: I adopted this one. Through him, I adopt you. You are My children… I am your true, Obedient Father. A father is always obedient to his children. He serves them so much! He incurs so much expense to educate his children. Then he gives all his wealth and prosperity to them and goes into the company of holy men. He makes his children more elevated than himself. The Father too says: I make you into double masters. You become the masters of the world and also the masters of Brahmand. You are worshipped in two ways. You are worshipped as souls and also worshipped as the deity clan. I am only worshipped in one way, in the form of a Shivalingum. I don’t become a king. I serve you so much! I make you elevated in every aspect. You have found such a Baba!

He is the loveliest Father of all.

The Father gives you the inheritance.

It is understood that a child always has his Father’s blessings. The Father desires to have children: When I have a son, I can give him my wealth. That is the blessing.

The Father sustains the children then He goes into retirement and they become the heirs.

A physical father adorns his child, gives him his inheritance and retires. He gives everything to his children and says: We are now going to the satsang. Just continue to send us something to eat. This Baba would never say this. This One says: Sweetest children, I will give you sovereignty over the world and then retire. I wouldn’t say: Send Me something to eat!

A father sustains his child and makes him worthy. So he is the servant of his children. This Father serves you children and takes you back with Him. A physical father thinks that his children will become independent and engaged in business and will then serve their parents when they become old. This Father doesn’t ask for service for Himself. This One is altruistic. A physical father believes that it is his children’s duty to look after him for as long as he lives. He has that desire. This Father says: The service I do is altruistic. I don’t rule a kingdom. I am so altruistic. Whatever others do, they definitely receive fruit of that. This One is the Father of all. He says: I give you children the kingdom of heaven.

Baba is now creating a new religion. You now receive directions from God. You are part of God’s dynasty, of God’s clan. God comes and establishes your dynasties.

Only you children know how great is the inheritance you receive from the Highest-on-High Father. The Teacher also gives you an inheritance by teaching you.

You have been given this birth by Baba, then who teaches you? The Father Himself becomes the spiritual teacher and teaches you.

You develop divine virtues by studying this knowledge. The behavior of those who imbibe this knowledge has to be very divine. How could I call them My children if they don’t have any dharna? If you don’t recognize the Father, how can the Father recognize you? You insult the Father so much! To insult God is very bad. When you became Brahmins, you stopped that.

Baba says: Remember Me, your Father!

The main thing you must do is remember the Father. Baba doesn’t give you any other difficulty. Children, you only have the difficulty to remember the Father. Could the Father ever give any difficulty to His children? This would not be the law. Baba says: I do not give you any difficulty.

A father always loves his children numberwise…

A father always loves his children numberwise. Some are most beloved and some are less loved. Here too, those who are present on service and remain merciful are loved. I love my sweetest, long lost and now found worthy children who imbibe knowledge and remain pure, those who remain truly enlightened and yogi.

Baba comes and changes ordinary humans into deities. They become deities numberwise. A kingdom is being established… Children receive love from the Father according to their stage. Some children write: Baba, I have failed. I have become impure. Now, who would bother with such children? They cannot sit in the Father’s heart. Baba can only give His inheritance to pure souls.

Baba only speaks to His children.

Baba says: children, maintain the honor of My beard.

Every child is loved by Baba on the basis of his own specialty. No one should think that this one is liked more and I am liked less. It is not like that. A maharati is liked because of his own specialty, but for BapDada, all are maharati or great souls in their own way. It is only for administrative work having to go on that someone is appointed affectionately.

When you see the Father you should experience great happiness because no one else in the world can have a Baba like you.

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