The Creator, Director and Main Actor

God too plays a part in the Drama. He is the Creator, Director and Main Actor.

You now know how Baba plays His part.

When almost everyone has arrived, the Creator then comes. He is the Creator, the Director and also the principal Actor. Baba says: Hey souls, do you recognize Me? You souls are all My children. You first adopted a body in the Golden Age and you played a role of 84 births… He is also the Producer.

The Father is the Creator of the unlimited Drama.

Baba has created the Drama for happiness, not sorrow.

You sweetest children, the ones whom He calls His children are imperishable souls. It is the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Father of all souls, who is sitting here and speaking. This play is only performed in this one age when the Father comes and gives His introduction to His children. I too am an actor. Your intellect knows how I play My part. He makes the old, impure souls new… This part is now being enacted…Only when souls are playing a part are they said to be living…Souls are living but when they are not playing a part, they are non living…The beauty is in the role you play. What beauty would there be in the land of silence? Souls there are beyond experiencing happiness and sorrow. They don’t perform any role and so, what would be the benefit of staying there? Everyone has to play a part.

When people are distressed by their sorrow, they ask why God created such a play. If God were not to create it, there would be no world. There would be nothing.

I am the Creator, the Director and the Principal Actor. I cannot change the part within the Drama at all.

The Father says: The part that is recorded in Me will continue to be revealed. I will continue to tell that to the children.

The Father says: I come every cycle. I too have a part in the Drama. I too cannot do anything without a part. I too am tied in the bondage of this Drama. I come at My precise time. According to the Drama plan, I take you children back home. You know that everything that the Father tells you is fixed in the Drama. He tells you today, word by word, exactly what He told you a cycle ago. This record is recorded. God Himself says: I speak to you the exact word I spoke to you 5000 years ago. The shooting of this Drama has already taken place. There cannot be the slightest difference in this. Such a tiny soul is filled with the record.

This eternal and imperishable part that the Father plays with you children will continue to repeat every cycle.

The Father says: I too am an Actor… I am acting.

Each actor has his own strength. Important actors are very well known. Who is the Creator, Director and principal Actor of this Drama? You now understand that God, the Father, is the Principal One. Then there are the world mother and the world father. They become the masters of the world, Their roles are definitely elevated and so their salaries too are very high. Baba, the most elevated pays them. He says: Since you help Me such a great deal, you will be given your salary accordingly.

You souls have the biggest role. Baba doesn’t have such a big role as you. Baba says: When you are happy in heaven, I go and rest. I have no role to play at that time.

There is going to be a huge crowd after you. BapDada sees that scene and He also sees the scene now. There is a vast difference. Baba knows who you are. Many wonderful parts are yet to be played, ones that you have not even thought or dreamt about. They are only waiting a little, that is all.

Shiv Baba comes to finish the play.

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