Baba comes during the darkest moments of the long, dreary night of ignorance. He comes to find us groping in the dark, searching fervently for the things we’ve lost – our self-respect, our joy, our happiness, our very identity. He finds us stumbling in our quest as we bump up against self-appointed gurus, pundits, preachers and even false gods. He finds us turning on each other as we alternate between begging and demanding for the things we believe we’ve been robbed of by…someone, but who? He finds us depressed, heart-broken, fearful and just plain exhausted from having searched and searched and searched. He finds us disillusioned and steeped in self-doubt- who knows, maybe this is as good as it gets, maybe there is no such thing as joy and true love after all? Because it shouldn’t be this hard, it shouldn’t cost this much to just simply smile and then it stays for just a fleeting second.

He comes and flicks on the switch.

It takes us just a brief moment to adjust to the light flooding the atmosphere around us. Then, we see Him and instantly, the search ends. There it is…we rush to Him and latch on tight as He lifts us up in His warm embrace. We recognize our Father, we realize He’s here to take us back with Him, we are not alone anymore. We let that feeling of complete, total bliss sink in for a moment longer before we garner the courage to look around at what was. We see each other clearly for the first time- is that who we were afraid of and fighting with? They don’t look scary at all. Then we realize that the light switch was there the whole time too, hidden in plain sight.

But it takes God to come down to turn it on, to help us see and remember what’s real and what’s false.

He comes to us at the darkest moment of the night and then suddenly, it’s Amritvela, the moments of sweet nectar.

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