See but don’t see

When Dronacharya was teaching archery to his students, he once asked them to shoot a bird on the tree by aiming at it’s eye. He called them one by one and showing the bird, he asked them what they saw. Everyone except Arjuna, said that they saw the tree, the branches, the bird etc. and so everyone missed the target.

When Arjuna’s turn came Drona inquired him as follows.

Drona: “What do you see?”
Arjuna: “I see the eye of the bird”
Drona: “Do you see the tree?”
Arjuna: “No”
Drona: “Do you see the branch?”
Arjuna: “No”
Drona: “Do you see the bird?”
Arjuna: “No”
Drona: “Then what else do you see, Arjuna?”
Arjuna: “Nothing.

Saying so Arjuna released the arrow and it found it’s target.

These eyes, Baba says, deceive us the most. They are used to seeing the gross, the expansion – the good, the bad, the ugly, name and fame, position and status and the million other identities that we have come to associate with. And with that comes an endless spiral of wasteful thoughts and actions, of comparison and competition, of judgement and misunderstanding and we are consumed by the pettiness of it all. It robs us of our joy and peace.

And so the very first gift Baba gives us is the third eye – the discerning eye of wisdom. When we see the world through this eye, we are able to see that which is true and filter out that which is useless and false. We can see the essence -the soul and the reflection of God in it, not the expansion of the body. And because we don’t lose our power and energy by seeing the wasteful, our vision holds the power to transform the negative into positive – just like God does. When God sees us, our sins are cut away, our burdens are removed and we feel His unconditional love and acceptance. He helps us to touch base with our own truth and destiny. Shows us who we really are.

Now, you need to do the same for your brothers and sisters, says Baba. All you have to do is practice seeing through your third eye which is to say, learn to see but not see.

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