The innocent children of The Innocent Lord

Baba is called ‘The Innocent Lord’. He makes us the masters of heaven in return for all our rubbish – the deceptions, the manipulations, the hustle. That’s the bargain not because He doesn’t know what He’s getting into but because He does. You see, He is innocent to our shortcomings, to our limited beliefs and our selfishness. He sees a different reality, a destiny for each of His children that is the most elevated, divine and full of love. And the more He sees us, His pure vision cuts through all the rubbish and reaches us- the soul- filling us with His immense love, acceptance and the ability to see our own truth in His mirror. He believes in our innate goodness and helps us believe too. Can we do the same for our brothers and sisters? Can we be innocent to their shortcomings and clumsiness and see them for who they really are?

It’s hard to do when we are not paying attention and allow Maya to rob us of our innocence. She lures us out of the canopy of God’s protection by showing us sparkling lights, hollow fame, money and applause. She convinces us that this is what it’s all about and that the goal in life is to get it all at ANY cost, often at the expense of others in the same race. They are not your brothers and sisters, they are the competition, she says. More for them means less for me and so we grow increasingly fearful and lonely on the unending chase to reach a mythical goalpost. And when we show the slightest signs of exhaustion or even as much as begin to question the meaning of it all, Maya quickly distracts us with new toys. You see, the only way to keep the old world (her world) going is by having us labor and the only way she can ensure that is to make us forget that we are the masters of the world, a heavenly world and that our Father is the Creator Himself.

Do I want to be the innocent child of The Innocent Lord or will I continue to fool myself by being innocent to the ways of Maya.

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