Baba comes in the confluence age and He surrenders Himself to the task of purification of His children and thus of World transformation. What does that mean?

It means that He gives the task His all – no questions, no complaints, nothing. Just complete love and dedication. He doesn’t do it because He has to, He doesn’t feel stuck with it, He does it because that’s His purpose and He is here to serve.

He starts teaching us children everything He knows from the moment He comes. He loves us, provides for us, guides us and when we mess up, He picks us back up and goes at it again and again and again. He is never tired, frustrated, disheartened, hopeless or anything else that we would be. And He certainly doesn’t shake His head and blame it all on bad karma.

He is respectful of the soul- never imposing and always patient.

Am I as surrendered to the task as my Father? Or am I easily disheartened when things don’t go as expected? When I am surrendered, I remember not just the task but also who is in charge. Baba is The Purifier, He is here especially for this task. All I have to do is co-operate. And that means I show up every time and do my very best to follow His Shrimat. And yes, I will fail but that is part of the learning. Do I realize that mistakes are never useless? that they are part of the plan to make me experienced? When the storms of Maya come and they will, why do I let it bother me so much, why get on-board?

Sometimes we get fearful of the old sanskars when they rear their ugly head in front of us, we feel dirty, punish ourselves and get sucked in to a bout of hopelessness and defeatism. Each time we let that happen, we are delaying the task.

Baba calls us His lighthouses. A lighthouse is built on a rock, never on the sand because a pre-requisite for a lighthouse is stability. When the waves from the ocean lash against the rock with all their ferociousness, the lighthouse does not waver, it simply does not pay attention. It keeps its eye on the task- flashing its powerful light to show lost ships their way back home. That is surrender.

Baba tells us that He is willing to and more than able to take on complete ownership, take on any burden we might feel, and even think for us when needed. He has taught us about the Drama and about the auspiciousness of this time.

Can I be the lighthouse that stands firmly on the rock of Baba and the Drama? That’s what surrender looks like- it’s when I believe in the task, understand my purpose, and trust the One in charge so much that I play my part completely carefree.

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