The Godly University

Baba comes at the end of the Iron Age and the beginning of the Golden Age. He comes at the confluence of darkness and light, of ignorance and knowledge, of extreme sorrow and extreme happiness, of vice and virtue. It is His coming that defines the auspiciousness of this Confluence Age.

He comes to perform three primary duties: (1) purify the impure souls (2) establish the kingdom of truth (3) establish one religion, the religion of peace.

To do this, the very first thing Baba does is establish a Godly university and teach souls about the Creator and the creation, the history and geography of the world, how the cycle turns.

In an age of pundits, priests and false gods, He cuts through the noise and the lies and becomes our single source of Truth. He teaches us to think for ourselves, examine our existing beliefs, our ways of thinking and doing things and our attachments. In effect, we let go the many religions in our lives and become truly righteous.

The more we listen and learn from Him, the more time we want to spend time with Him, and in His mirror, we let go of our false identities, the mixture, the impurities and connect with our own truth. He makes us, His children and His students, the most elevated through His company and the study. And as I learn and progress, I graduate to becoming a true apprentice to the Teacher, someone who observes and serves like the Teacher bringing other souls in contact with their inheritance.

All I have to do is enroll into the Godly University- it’s got the best Teacher, the smartest students and an education that sets you up for the whole cycle. Did I mention, it’s also free?!

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