The student, the apprentice and the child

When we come to Baba, we feel His love as new-born children do. He embraces us, cuddles us, holds our finger as we learn how to walk. Then we grow up a bit and it’s time for school.

Baba becomes our Teacher. He teaches us the knowledge of the beginning, middle and the end of the Drama. He teaches us about the cycle, about The Creator and the creation. We listen and understand…intellectually.

Not all students become apprentices or helpers or what Baba refers to as the co-operative (sahayogi) souls. An apprentice is also a student but an apprentice observes The Master and does accordingly. A student may never do, they may simply theorize, philosophize. At some point, the philosophy must become practical which is to say, the soul must convert the understanding of the point into a dharna or become an embodiment of that point. The apprentice spend all their time with The Master, they eat, drink, sleep with The Master, observing, and practicing (like Arjuna did) night and day. They keep chipping away – reflect on what they observe, check that within themselves and change. Yes, they fall often, break into a thousand pieces and have to stitch themselves back together. But that’s because they are trying and they are characterized by the fact that they never give up. They are ever ready to do as The Master says or needs. They see that as an opportunity to get better at the craft.

The better one gets at the apprenticeship, the more confident they become. The Master trusts them to do more, take on more responsibility, teach others. The apprentice now takes care of The Master, shouldering much of the responsibility, and making decisions on their own as they have learnt how to think like the Master. They reveal The Master in the way they carry themselves and act.

At that point, the apprentice is no longer just an apprentice, but the child (waris) of The Father.

The one who always had but now feels the right (adhikar) to all that belongs to The Father. The child then carries on the legacy giving other souls an introduction to their Father and their right to the inheritance.

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