Self realization

A unique characteristic of the Godly university is that we have students of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities enrolled and we all listen to the same elevated versions at the same time, no matter where in the world we are.

But something Baba also tells us is that this study is very individual to each one of us. He is reminding me of who I am and what I need to do. He speaks to me privately in public, telling me exactly what I need to hear, answering my specific questions through this very public forum. The effort we each make is also very individual based on the aspects of my character I need to work on, the powers I need to build up, shortcomings and fears I need to overcome etc.

Often though, we look around to see how others are getting on – what are they working on, do they wake up earlier than me, stay up later than me, do they do more service than me etc, etc. I am constantly comparing my ‘accomplishments’ in service, time in gyan and other self-made metrics to figure out my own report card. Other times, I look around because I am unsure about what exactly I am here to do- so maybe I should do like her or him…maybe I ought to also give a speech or lecture, I ought to give the course, read the Murli, travel the world? And when that doesn’t happen, we feel the inevitable let down and disheartenment – maybe we are just not good enough…

When we take a minute to examine the reality vs. how we operate, we realize the folly of our own ways. How can we study a very personalized curriculum and then hope to evaluate our progress by comparing ourselves to others?

Baba therefore reminds us daily of our uniqueness. We all bring something to this world that no one else does – so comparing and copying others does nothing to bring out that originality, it just makes us a fake someone else.

The path to discover our own truth or essence is through introversion, is through silence where I touch base with my own destiny. As far as my part goes, it will emerge automatically. I really don’t have to do anything, it is already recorded in the soul and simply plays out like a long playing record.

And so the only one I need to look at is me, the only place I need to look at is within me. When I do that, I realize who I really am which lifts me above the mundane, the pettiness and allows me to play my part in a way that is becoming of a child of God.

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