The consciousness of the soul and the body

Baba comes to remind us of who we are. After taking birth after birth, we had forgotten who we are, we confused ourselves with our roles and therefore measured ourselves by the size of our accomplishments. Baba shows us how that is a symptom of body consciousness and teaches us that the right way to be is soul conscious.

What does that mean really and how does one make that journey?

When I am in the consciousness of being a soul, I am light. I don’t carry the burden of comparisons, competitions. I don’t have the attitude that makes me believe that accomplishments are what define me.

I operate from a place of truth, child-like wonder and amazement. I cannot believe that I have this wonderful opportunity to learn and try new things- the outcome is not even a factor. My endeavor might be ‘successful’ or a ‘failure’ by worldly standards, but I simply don’t care, I want to keep on trying. I live to inspire and be inspired. I don’t internalize, let alone engage with the pettiness in the world, I don’t see the impurities even though I live right in the midst of it. I am too busy being in awe of the beauty and specialties in myself and others. I am not concerned about appearances, I am touched by the purity of the soul. I am not attracted to cleverness or shrewdness but rather drawn toward an honest and clean heart.

I am a reflection of God and manifest His qualities.

So is it wrong that we feel pain, we feel defeat, loss, jealousy, praise and the whole gamut of feelings? No. Feeling a sense of shame for feeling these things, telling myself that I must be bad, beating myself up is also a sign of body consciousness. Yes, the feeling has/will come, but I realize it and learn to shift my consciousness from body to soul. Initially, it feels hard, but with practice, it gets easier and so Baba encourages us to practice – the longer we practice, the more experienced we become at recognizing the various ways in which body consciousness manifests itself and quicker we get at shifting out of it.

I am who I am and I am special. Baba loves me for exactly who I am. So all I have to do is learn to be me for more time, keep increasing that. I do that in the silence of remembrance where I connect with myself and with my Father. Where I see my destiny, my attainments and feel immense gratitude. Where I realize that I have everything I need, that I am the child of the Fortune Maker Himself.

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