A faithful intellect

Baba comes at the very end of the cycle to take us back home with Him. He comes to establish the new world by purifying us souls even as the old world is destroyed.

When He comes, He finds us in extreme sorrow, lost and disillusioned. We had forgotten who we are and whom we belong to. We had become orphans – alone, fearful, rejected and desperate for love and belonging. Baba comes, picks us up, holds us close to Him and reminds us that He is our Father, we belong to Him- always had, always will. He reminds us that we were the masters of the world, that heaven and earth belonged to us, that we were free. And more importantly, He tells us that we are going to become that again, return back to our lost glory, that He is here for just that task.

Do we trust Him? Have we accepted what He has said as the truth?

Baba teaches us that only a faith-filled intellect has victory. It is understandable that at the end of the cycle, we have become a little cautious, a little wary of each other. After defeat after defeat, the intellect is a little wary of anything, especially of good news. What if I trust and He leaves me and goes away? I don’t exactly feel like the ‘master of the world’, don’t think this applies to me. You have no idea about what I’m capable of thinking and saying- a pure, deity soul? Not me. Once Baba figures out who I really am, He’s going to run away.

No, He won’t. He’s God, He’s my Father. He knew me before I knew myself. He knows my whole story- the beginning, middle and end. He is truth. If He says I am His child and that I am the master of the world, then I am.

Do I dare to accept? Knowing what we know, isn’t that a risk worth taking?

Let me spend time with Him, re-acquaint myself with Him, follow His direction even if my intellect is nervous and fighting back, even if I feel convinced that this cannot possibly be the way, let me trust and do it anyway. I’ve tried it my way for a long time and that hasn’t exactly worked out that well, why not try God’s way? When I do that, and I start to see small victories and I will, my faith will build up more and more, my intellect will accept more and more, become less and less fearful. I will feel lighter and more confident – I know I have a Companion I can trust, Who NEVER leaves my side and ALWAYS gives me sound advice. I just have to engage.

And engaging does not mean complaining about someone or something, questioning why something is a certain way, sorting through the to-do list or sulking. That’s the part where we apply the points of knowledge that Baba has provided. Rather, it means sweet conversation, time together in silence, remembering the attainments and experiences with Him, it means seating Him in my heart.

When we comes to Baba, He becomes our world. It’s a very different world, one where I am carefree and happy. If I am not, time to check if perhaps I’ve stepped outside which is to say, time to check if I have perhaps moved away from a faithful to a doubtful intellect.

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