God, my Friend

When we come to Baba, He becomes our world. We have all our relationships with Him and one of the most beautiful relationships is that of a Friend.

A friend is a comfort, someone we open our hearts to, someone we share our joys with and celebrate with, someone we feel good being around even if there isn’t a single word spoken, someone with whom we can just be.

God is the Best Friend I can ever have- the minute I say, ‘You are mine Baba’, He makes me belong to Him. He is always with me, laughing with me, eating with me (and that’s no mean feat considering my cooking skills!) and even playing with me. He listens always as I bare my heart without cutting me off, without being the ‘smart one’ that offers the solution….He is just simply there for me.

When I mess up, He never tells me ‘I told you so’. When I cry, He doesn’t cry with me, He doesn’t engage when I complain about the world or the people or anything else. He doesn’t endorse my judgments about my brothers and sisters, neither does He endorse my justifications for my own behavior.

He constantly reminds me of who I am. Every time I am pulled by the corporeal, He reminds me that I am incorporeal. He refuses to let me be ordinary constantly inspiring me to rise above the pettiness. He sets an example of how to be by the way He relates to me.

Such is the precious friendship of God. Always true, and forever.

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