The guru and The Satguru

Baba comes and makes us belong to Him. What does that mean?

In today’s world, there are many gurus – religious and otherwise. For example, I found that there is such a thing as an ‘Instagram guru’! Now, gurus make people ‘belong’ to them too. It’s a tradition since the ages past. Is there a difference?

When a human guru- physical or online- makes people belong to them, they make them their ‘followers’. The disciples or followers (as the case might be) obey their guru. They walk behind the guru, take care of the guru by helping with the chores, bringing them their things etc., they accept the guru’s beliefs as their beliefs and adhere to them. They dare not question or go against the guru’s wishes since that might lead to a curse or bad mark on the record.

The guru and the followers pray to the same ‘god’ but the followers know that they cannot please their god without first pleasing the guru. They believe the guru is their path to god, to salvation, to moksha (liberation).They proudly serve their guru, work to be in his good graces so he can bless them. When the guru passes, one of the followers ascends to the seat.

Baba doesn’t make us His followers. We are His children. And not just any children but His long lost and now found children.

He doesn’t want us to blindly obey Him, He calls Himself our ‘Obedient Servant’, He serves, shows us the way back home, to our truth. He doesn’t want us to walk behind Him, He seats us on His shoulders, in His heart. He makes all His children His heirs with a right to His inheritance.

You see, He doesn’t need to be served, followed or liked. He loves, teaches, empowers. He doesn’t like it, in fact is pained when He sees His children cry out to Him for help, blessings or for strength. This is a study, He reminds me. There is no question of ‘blessings’, it’s all dependent on my level of effort….on myself.

He teaches me to be a self-sovereign, one who knows myself and is a master of myself. He gives me the facts of beginning, middle and end of the cycle, of the Creator and the creation and asks me to judge for myself as to what is true and what is false. He talks to me about liberation-in-life and how that’s worth making an effort for. You see, He wants me to live life, enjoy it, while living in the family, in this world with all my brother and sisters, not run away from it and He teaches me how. He guides me at every step.

He is The Satguru, because only He knows the truth about anything and because only He can show me the path to salvation.

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