The ghost and the darkness

One of the first things Baba does is give us His true introduction clarifying to us what He is and equally importantly what He is not. He is NOT omnipresent, He tells us, but the five vices are which is why we are in so much sorrow. He goes as far as to call the vices ghosts that enter the soul and wreak havoc within and all around.

Beware of the ghosts for they come sneakily and take refuge in the dark body conscious corner of our minds. We don’t realize they are there until that moment when they suddenly spring into action. At the end of the episode, we are completely exhausted, and like a deer in headlights wondering why we did what we did, said what we said. ‘Where did that come from?’, we wonder and we make a pledge never to have that repeat again.

What makes us so sure that the ghosts won’t attack again?

The mistake we make often is to think that the vices will go away just by us telling them to. They WON’T. They have been with us for half the cycle, given us companionship, we may have even got happiness from them. They won’t leave us that easily just by us telling them. It isn’t enough to even just understand them although that is useful. For example, the ego isolates us. Anger is really a cry for help. But what of it?

Unless I take the hand of God, The Purifier, the vices will not leave me. God’s love is the alchemy that transforms the soul. He comes and shines the light of knowledge, gives us the third eye with which we spot the dark corners and see the hidden ghosts, the prejudices, the fears hiding in plain sight. And that’s what it takes – is to see them, really see them for what they are and the damage they have done. That takes courage, real courage because they will roar back or purr or even camouflage into something else. That is why I need to have The Expert with me.

He says, ‘Remember who is teaching you. You called out me to come and purify you. I am here now to make the whole world pure.’ No one except God can make the hell that is this world into heaven. I just need to trust Him.

I do that by not trying to do this on my own, my will and abilities are limited. I use His knowledge which is the shining light to dispel the darkness of body consciousness away. In the consciousness of a soul, a child of God, I in His loving remembrance and companionship find the might and the determination to see and offer my vices to Him.

No darkness, no ghosts.

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