Both eyes open

Don’t close your eyes, Baba says. A student doesn’t close his eyes in school, how would they study? It’s the same here. This is a Godly university, we are students here to study about ourselves, about God, about the history and geography of the world. Why would we close our eyes?

A school is unlike a satsang where people gather around a guru who is telling a story or reciting verses from a spiritual text. Most people don’t really understand what is being read, they are not necessarily even there to understand. They are there because they believe it’s a good atmosphere to be in, so they close their eyes and soak it in. Sometimes, when people sing devotional songs or hymns, they sing with their eyes closed because they try to visualize the deity they are singing to.

But in a school, I have to look at the teacher, be able to listen and reflect or think about what I heard. None of these require the eyes to be closed, quite the contrary. God is of course, first and foremost, our Father. We remember Him with a lot of love as a child would its father. Do you remember anyone you love or spend time with them with your eyes closed? We remember someone we love all the time, when eating, walking, working…do we close our eyes during any of these activities?

Baba reminds us that time and time again that this is not bhakti (worship) where a bhagat (devotee) feels the need to demonstrate his/her devotion by adopting extreme measures. Surdas famously blinded himself because he felt that his eyes were deceiving his mind with the trapping of the world. So he figured that blinding himself would allow him to devote his mind completely to his god.

But we are neither bhagats nor sanyasis (recluse) who need to blind themselves or run away to the jungle to meditate or find God. He is our Father, He is already with us, we live with Him, we don’t meditate…..we remember Him and relate to Him as we would to a father.

Let me not deprive myself of this unique fortune of spending time with my Supreme Father by believing that I need to sit down and close my eyes. That puts an artificial cap on how much time I can spend with Him. Let me instead enjoy being able to spend every moment with Him with both eyes open.

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