Claiming the blessing

Baba is The Bestower of Blessings (Vardata). The minute we are born, Baba blesses us with all the powers, all the virtues. In other words, He reminds us as only He can of who we truly are and the treasures we hold within us.

But we only experience the blessing – the powers, virtues etc. – when we claim the blessing. To claim means to accept and then use the blessing. If Baba blesses me with all the powers and says, ‘May you be master almighty authority..‘ and I say, that’s nice but clearly I am not that, then I immediately create a barrier between me and the power of the blessing. I am blocking myself from manifesting that blessing.

This is a consequence of a mistake we often make which is to look at ourselves in the present moment- when we are less than perfect and decide that this is who we really are. We decide Baba must be saying it to the seniors, not me! But I have to realize that what I am now is a false image of myself, one that has been shaped by the vices. The true image is what Baba sees, the pure unadulterated image that He tells us about. He is Truth, the Only one who knows me from the beginning to the end. And if He is telling me that I am something, then I am.

Can I have the faith to accept the blessing and the humility to acknowledge that I am a work in progress? When I can do that, I can start to internalize and work on embodying the attributes of the blessing Baba has given me.

Sometimes, we can swing the other way and coddle ourselves by saying, ‘it’s okay, I’m still a work in progress’ and then do nothing after that. I get lazy and complacent, I stop being a true effort-maker- one who receives, checks and changes. And when I only receive, receive, receive and so nothing with it i.e. don’t use it or hone it, it simply wears off, I lose it.

So the thing to do then is – when I receive a blessing of being the ‘master of all powers‘, I have to start using the powers – however imperfectly at first but I do need to use them. And when I do, I see where the gaps are, and I work on filling them.

When Baba sees the children faithfully receive and use His blessings, He takes responsibility for them, He showers His immense will to carry us over every obstacle and every bump.

The Lord is always present with those who have claimed His blessings.

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