From a beggar to a prince

Baba comes to give us our lost inheritance. We were the masters of the world, nature was our server, He reminds us. Today, people kill other people as part of power struggles, we fight over land, money, we’ve managed to even divide the sky somehow as mine and yours. No matter how ‘rich’ or ‘famous’ one is, we are mostly just insecure, fearful of losing our worth tied to our material things, and so we hustle and subtly fish for respect, for our place in the world.

In so many cases, we’ve become so lost and alone in a crowded world that we search for solace pretty much anywhere we can find it- by abusing illegal substances, alcohol, cigarettes, and bad relationships.

Is it any wonder then that mother nature is in an upheaval too? When we misbehave, create havoc, don’t follow the code of conduct, exploit her, she responds the only way she can- showing us her agony and pain, telling us she cannot bear it any more.

To return to the glory days of yore, we must once again take charge of the world, our world, the one our Father entrusted us with and we lost to the five vices.

  • I need to return from a life of lust to one of love where I see, respect and appreciate the soul.
  • I need to return from a life of anger and hatred to a life of mercy by recognizing that anger is simply a cry for help. When I remember who I am and whom I belong to, my behavior changes and I start to respect myself and others again. I show mercy and benevolence recognizing that they are in need of help and accommodation too. And I give them what Baba gives me.
  • I move away from attachment to things, to fame, to people and attach myself to the cause of service, to this cause of returning my world to its original state.
  • I move away from greed to hoard useless worldly things to filling up with the jewels of knowledge such that every thought, word and action is based on those jewels and therefore serve.
  • I move from operating from a place of ego or body consciousness to operating from a place of love or soul consciousness.

In other words, to take back charge of the world which is to say, to become the world sovereign, I need to become a self-sovereign first. I can only serve the world by serving myself, by stopping the violence I have been inflicting upon myself by living a vicious life and returning to a virtuous life. I need to stop begging, crying, demanding, yearning, desiring and return to a life of dignity and self-respect. I need to return from a body conscious life marked by constant worry and insecurity to the soul conscious life of purity, happiness and contentment.

It’s what Baba calls transforming from a beggar to a prince. It’s who we really are and who we must once again become. Our world is asking this of us, and so is mother nature.

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