Winning the war

Baba calls us ‘unknown warriors’ because while we are in the midst of a war, no one else knows about it. This is not an external war where we have tanks and canons, where there is gunfire and killing. This is a war being fought inside against the vices, the old ways, the demons.

Am I winning?

Baba says, all I have to do to win this war, to defeat the enemy is remember Him. In that remembrance, I can burn away all my defects and purify my mind, intellect and sanskars. And when I am headed in that direction of purity, I feel lighter, happier, free. That’s how I know I am winning. If I continue to feel worry, anxiety, stress etc. then I am not moving forward.

Sometimes we remember Baba in the morning before we begin our day- that’s great, but we forget to remember Him during the day. We get caught up in the many activities that take up our attention and before we know it, our old ways are back. Sometimes, it’s because we have the knowledge but lack the power to put it into practice. That power comes from making a determined thought, a decision ….also during remembrance.

It’s hard to transform sanskars that have been with us for as long as they have but it can and has been done. Those who did it will tell us that they couldn’t do it on their own, it required taking Baba’s hand i.e. staying in His remembrance constantly- not just in the morning or evening but throughout the day. It’s having a truly loving relationship with Him that helps make that powerful, determined thought to change. When our relationship becomes routine, we just accept He’s there and simply go on with our lives, that doesn’t help. It requires nourishing, cultivating, spending time together.

We’ve been fighting this war way too long, it’s time to end it and declare victory. Where there is courage, there is a multi-million fold help from The Father, victory is guaranteed.

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