Staying on the seat of self-respect

Baba comes to remind us of who we really are – pure, peaceful souls, a reflection of Baba Himself. About half way through the cycle, we started to go off track due to becoming body conscious which is to say, due to forgetting we were souls.

Baba tells daily to consider myself a soul and remember Him. It is the only way to purify myself by dissolving all the old ways from the last half of the cycle. When I ‘consider myself a soul’ what do I do exactly? Well, Baba says to stay in my self-respect and He reminds us of that everyday. ‘You are a lighthouse’, ‘You are Master Almighty’, ‘You are Master Knowledgeful’ etc.

At this point of the cycle, we’ve accumulated so much baggage, performed so much bad karma that it can be challenging to feel the kind of self-respect Baba wants us to feel. I hear Baba’s vision for me everyday, I think about His task everyday and then cannot help but contrast that with who I see myself as, how I behave. I sense a pretty wide gap between the aim or vision and the reality of now.

So the thing to do is to take on-board the title Baba gives me, accept it as true and start to behave in that way. Yes, I will falter but with determination, I start to make progress. And when that happens, when I actually see and feel myself change, I start to respect myself for being able to make and become the change. I gain self-confidence to do even more.

Baba says that the trick is to constantly stay on the seat of self-respect for then, He says, the powers will obey your orders. The moment I step down which is to say, forget who I am and start to seek my worth from the mundane, pettiness of body consciousness, I feel small, fearful of losing fleeting success or praise, look to others for advise, feel and behave more like a victim than like a master.

Staying on the seat constantly requires remembering Him constantly. Baba says, ‘I am your Father’, ‘your Companion’, ‘your World’ , shouldn’t be hard to remember then, should it?

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