How do you feel today? So light that you could fly? or so heavy that you couldn’t be bothered to move? Most days, we feel somewhere in between.

To be able to manifest Baba’s vision though, the thing we need to do is to shed away the layers we’ve accumulated since half the cycle and become lighter. It’s acceptable that we may not have a 100% success rate for our efforts on a daily basis but we are required to keep on trying. And why wouldn’t we want to keep trying given the layers weigh us down so much.

The definition of body consciousness is that we stay limited, we put ourselves in a box, we try to define our parameters – I am so and so, or I need to do such and such to be successful. When I become soul conscious, I let go of all the artificial limitations and definitions and dare to step into the unlimited vision that Baba has for me. But because I am so body conscious, and I forget who I am and my fortune, I do all kinds of unnatural things – become critical to the self and others, become impatient, become narrow-minded, become judgmental etc. etc.- in my relentless pursuit of ‘success’.

But am I successful?

Can I be called successful just because I have the money or the fame or the position …but not the character to go with it? Is it success if I feel constantly pressured to do more, do better and then transfer that pressure to everyone else in my environment? Is it success if my motive is simply to win…more and more? Is that even a goal?

Baba comes to remind us of who we are, whom we belong to and our fortune. He comes to transform us from who we have become to whom we are really – deity souls that are pure, have clean hearts and radiate pure, powerful energy that serves the world. When I realize that and become that, ‘success’ comes automatically.

Is that my vision for myself too? Or is it still small and limited to something in this world I am chasing after? Unless I step into Baba’s vision, I cannot really change my character or my destiny. I cannot shed any of my layers because there is no reason to in a world that gives me more to carry every day.

So do yourself a favor, in the mirror of remembrance, see yourself for who you really are…and shrug.

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