The wealth of knowledge

Baba says He gives us what He has in inheritance and that is knowledge. Knowledge of the soul, of The Supreme Soul and of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle.

This knowledge is a source of income – but not for this iron age, Baba says. Instead, we souls will carry these imperishable jewels within us to the golden age. While remembrance is needed to burn away the sins and become pure, it is how well we’ve imbibed these jewels of knowledge that will determine our status in the future kingdom. Have I imbibed enough to be able to carry out the duties of a king? or am I taking it easy such that I have enough to become a citizen?

I need the knowledge of who I am to be able to embody those attributes. I need the knowledge of my Father to understand why He does what He does and How he operates. I need to know Him so I can love Him and remember Him…else, what exactly do I remember?

I need the knowledge of the new world to be able to see the contrast with the world that exists today such that I can transform it.

Without knowledge, there is ignorance, there is darkness. No wonder we were so lost and confused and fearful before we came to Baba. With no knowledge, all we had was blind faith – so we worshiped everything from idols to trees to animals. We lit candles and lamps, we starved ourselves to demonstrate compliance lest we feel His displeasure, we struck deals with the deities in return for a favor…the list is endless.

When I know who I am and whom I belong to, it is like a switch is turned on. I now know exactly how I need to be and what I need to do. I know I belong to my Father and to the Drama. I know I have a large, unlimited family. It’s like I finally know the address.

No wonder, knowledge is called the king of all wealth. Because once I have it, I have it all. When I imbibe those jewels, success is guaranteed.

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