From limited to unlimited

Baba comes and finds us laboring – to be happy, to feel respected, to find love, for peace…the whole nine yards. There is a complete lack of contentment – no, the few fleeting seconds of feeling like you got what you wanted doesn’t count.

He finds us laboring to find these things through our jobs, our relationships, our religions, our societies. He finds us working hard, putting in extra hours at work so we can get that promotion so we can win some respect. He finds us buying each other expensive gifts or trying to impress one another with how rich and famous we are or how many rich and famous people we know. He finds us going from temple to mosque to prove we are faithful, to ensure we are in God’s good graces so He might gives us the things to make us happy. He finds us trying to find happiness and contentment through charity and social service. In some cases, He finds us leaving our homes and families altogether to seek peace through penance in the jungles and on mountaintops.

He comes to ensure we have these very things we are looking for- the contentment, peace, love, respect etc etc. But He doesn’t help us by waving His magic wand such that we get that promotion, in fact, He doesn’t even encourage us to try for one ourselves. He doesn’t leave us expensive gifts at the doorstep, nor does He introduce us to rich and famous people. Heck, He doesn’t even bother to give us the ‘Ten steps to become rich and famous’!

You see, that would be too limited and as is the characteristic of anything limited, it would also be temporary.

Baba is unlimited. And He teaches us to be unlimited.

He shows us the path to true, permanent happiness, respect and contentment – He introduces us to ourselves. And lo and behold, we realize that all the things we were looking for were within us the whole time. We had simply forgotten, now we start to remember. By spending time with Baba every day, we remember more and more as He continues to talk to us about ourselves. And as we watch Him operate, we realize that’s how we want to be too…because that’s how we were originally.

That is His undeniable compassion for His children. He shows us the path and teaches us how to walk on it as opposed to simply show us mercy which would mean He settles for giving us occasional bursts of ‘feeling good’ through gifts, worldly successes etc. How ordinary would that be? Knowing who I am breaks the chains that were holding me down. It elevates my thinking, my words and actions. I no longer need or crave the hollow respect that comes from position and status. I don’t beg for love from relationships. I realize and come into my own power and accept the responsibility that comes with it. I realize I am helping God Himself and not in something small…but in His task of transforming the whole world!

And I do that by following His way- by introducing others to themselves too, by helping break away their shackles. Charity or social service might seem like a nice thing to do- but it’s still limited. It aims to salvage their current situation which isn’t great to begin with. Why not attack the root cause and ignite the soul instead by helping them see who they are and whom they belong to?

When the soul finds purpose and meaning, it suddenly becomes capable of standing up on its own and doing wonders that it never in a millions years thought it was capable of. Doors and windows that had long been shut open up and we see the world differently, we see infinite possibilities, without any limits of the body keeping us small.

We see the world as our unlimited family, all of us as children of the same unlimited Father.

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