Are you decorated?

Baba comes to decorate us with all the powers and virtues. He tells us that the decorations of the deities of the golden age actually belong to this time, to us. Yet, they are shown on the deities because at this time, we are not yet pure. The deities have both a pure soul and body and so the decorations go along with it.

Baba says, ‘once the gold becomes pure, the jewelry will be pure too’. There is only one way to become pure- through remembrance. One has to heat the metal in the furnace for the alloy to melt away. But there is no difficulty in this, Baba says. You just sit where you are and reflect on what’s right and what’s wrong, on what things I need to change within me. I liberate you from the toil of bhakti, Baba says. You don’t need to go on tough pilgrimages, you don’t need to dip in any holy waters, you don’t even need to chant or pray. All you need to do is remember what I’ve taught you and embody those teachings.

And that’s the key. Sometimes, we can just be in our head – thinking and analyzing. we tend to call that churning. While that is a good starting point, I have to quickly move on to awareness. Baba says, ‘don’t be an embodiment of thoughts, be an embodiment of awareness’. In other words, think, reflect, change.

And while you are at it, don’t worry about what others are doing or not doing. That is a great obstacle in your path to progress, He says. Simply pay attention to your own effort, to decorating yourself. This is now the call of our times- to become spiritually self-aware so that I can serve others with simply my stage, bring them joy with my decorated self.

Things are happening suddenly, situations appear suddenly, are we ready or do we get surprised, shaken? If we are shaken, that means we’ve lost some of our decoration- a certain power maybe. If we are frustrated with situations or people, we need to check on the virtue or power we’ve misplaced. And we do that in remembrance – I remember who I am, whom I belong to and my inheritance.

It’s show time, Baba says. Do you have your make-up and decorations on? It’s curtain-up!

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