Baba calls us His Noor-e-ratan – the jewel of His eyes. He says, you are merged in my eye.

Do I feel His love?

If I am the jewel of His eye, then I am the very light of His eye. That’s how He sees everything, is through me. So when I shake, when I cry, His very foundation shakes.

He treasures me so much, He keeps me safe in His eyes. Every time He sees, He sees me. Baba says, ‘there isn’t a single moment when I don’t remember you’. Well, it’s hard to forget someone that’s merged in your eye!

The great devotees used to sing God’s praise, they saw Him everywhere. For example, Meera saw Krishna everywhere. Baba sees me everywhere. He says, ‘it’s as if I am the bhagat now!’

He doesn’t see the body, He doesn’t see the nationality, He doesn’t see the color of the skin, tall or short doesn’t matter. All He sees is the soul, the point of light. He doesn’t even see the soul in it’s current degraded state, He sees the pure soul, in it’s original divine state. And He keeps me merged in His eye.

Do I know to love Him back? which is to say, do I know to stay merged in His eye. ‘don’t step down’, He says. ‘You are safe here’. Let me keep Him merged in my eye so I don’t get pulled by the attractions and deceptions of this old world. So I can see the divinity of every soul through Him, so others can see their Father through me.

That I believe is the greatest gift I can give anyone and to Baba.

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