The power of realization

Baba talks about the power of realization as the foundation for transformation. Without realization, we don’t know what to change. He says that there are two key things to realize:

(1) my own weakness: maybe it is that I get angry quite easily which is to say I react too quickly to stimuli rather than pause and respond. It is being able to realize that pattern and the consequences of that behavior on myself and on others. The fact that it depletes all my energy, it shuts down my thinking etc. etc. and the fact that it pushes others away from me, ruins relationships etc. Are there certain specific stimuli/topics that flare up my anger?

(2) if someone or something is the trigger for the anger, what is the cause: often we just react immediately to something someone said without taking a few seconds to even just pause to think why are they saying what they are saying. Could it be that they are insecure of afraid of something, they are feeling wronged (perhaps incorrectly), just a misunderstanding or they aren’t yet seeing what you see. Often times, once the anger subsides, we realize that all that was for something so small or that the reason we fought about wasn’t even true.

Baba is always in realization, He never forgets. When He finds us, we have forgotten everything He taught us, lost everything He gave us, we don’t even recognize Him until He reminds us who we are and re-introduces Himself to us. Does it make Him frustrated or feel insulted or angry? Even now, He teaches us things about us everyday, we listen, say we understand and go off and do something completely the opposite anyway. Do He roll His eyes and wonder why He is ‘stuck’ with this thankless job, working with ‘stupid, silly’ children?

Can I learn from His example? and no, it’s not just ShivBaba but Brahma Baba has done it too. He is human, he was here just like you and me, and he became God like. It has been done before, so it can be done.

If I realize, not just superficially, but from my heart, then I will find the determination to make the change. If I try to do it because ‘Baba says so’, or because ‘I want to be good girl or good boy’, or because I want to impress the seniors or someone else, it will be very superficial, won’t be a permanent change. Chances are I will suppress rather than transform and it is only a matter of time before the sanskar rears its ugly head again.

But if it is from the heart based on deep sense of realization that my behavior does not match who I really am, then I find that all my will power comes together to overcome the weakness and what’s more, when I offer it to Baba saying, ‘Baba, I don’t want this anymore’, He pours in His love and strength into it.

Baba helps those with a clean and clear heart, not someone with a clever head. It’s also what drives success- the kind that counts anyway.

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