It’s spiritual

Baba comes to remind us of a very foundational truth- that we are all spiritual beings. We had forgotten and started to think of ourselves as the body, as the roles we were playing, and all the other false identities we had.

He reminds us also of the fact that He is our Spiritual Father and that He talks and relates only to the spirit or the soul, not the body.

One of the first things Baba does when He comes is to establish the Spiritual University where He as the Supreme Teacher teaches us the spiritual study – the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle, about the Creator and the creation.

As the Satguru, He guides the souls on the way to be and things to do to make spiritual progress which is to say, the sanskars we need to emerge to return to our original pure state.

Baba says that while people in the world hold ‘spiritual conferences’, in reality, they aren’t really spiritual seeing as how everyone is body conscious. We can only be one or the other and so Baba says to His children- “sweet child, may you be soul conscious“.

Spiritual = soul = incorporeal. This is the first lesson we learn and our journey is to realize this truth deeply such that we return to it. In that sense, it is also our last lesson.

When we offer ourselves to Baba through our mind, He takes our talents, our skills, our possessions and He spiritualizes it – in other words, He purifies it by taking out the I and mine and returning it back to us ‘in trust’ i.e. we become His trustees. Use all the comforts, Baba says but do so spiritually – remembering who I am and using the facilities and comforts as needed to serve as opposed to be attached to or attracted to them.

We are spiritual beings, learning the spiritual study, leading a spiritual lifestyle with our Spiritual Father, Teacher and Satguru. We only have this opportunity at this time – during the auspicious confluence age. And when we plant the spiritual seed now, it yields fruit for the whole cycle.

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