Be a Raj Rishi

Baba says, ‘May you be a Raj Rishi‘. A Raj Rishi is someone with unlimited disinterest while having a kingdom. Someone who knows that this is the old world, a tasteless world and so is not pulled by it.

We are not sanyasis (recluse) to renounce everyone and everything and move away to the jungle to be ‘pure’. That would be cowardly. Purity, according to Baba, is to remain in the midst of impurity and serve. Like a lotus flower that blooms in the swamp but remains untouched by it, I have to live in this old world, interact with the people, use the facilities but remain unattracted by it.

When I remain detached, I can be truly loving. It feels like a paradox but it is the truth Baba wakes us up to. When I am deeply entangled in a situation, I lose the ability to see and think objectively. My mind is too overcome with emotions to see through it. It helps therefore to step back and see it from the outside.

Same with life in general. It’s perfectly fine to have and use the comforts but when I start to identify with it, measure my worth by what I own, then things go downhill. When I measure myself by my accomplishments, status etc., then comparison and competition comes in and I lose my peace of mind, my joy. When I am detached, I enjoy my comforts, appreciate what I have able to do but am not affected by the inevitable fluctuations or the turbulence that will come. Because I am the same- with or without the comforts. I use them but don’t identify with them, am not a slave to them, don’t feel lost without them. I respect myself irrespective of them.

And so Baba cautions- be the one with the kingdom but as a Rishi (the unattached one) so that I can lead and take care of the kingdom as I should. And for that, all I have to do is remember who I am and whom I belong to. When I do that, I am essenceful, remain beyond the expansion of the body, this world.

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