Remember Me alone

Baba’s teaching is simple- Manmanabhav– belong to me in your mind. The knowledge is easy, He says, all the obstacles come in remembrance. Remembrance is the water that cleanses, not knowledge. Knowledge is simply a source of income.

Therefore, don’t have the ego of knowledge, Baba cautions. It will not allow you to become pure, to know me, to experience me. For that, there is only one method- remember Me alone.

In the Bhagwad (mythology), there is the story of Uddhav and the gopis (lovers of Krishna). Uddhav was a close friend and counselor of Krishna. He was a staunch believer that knowledge was the path to God. So he studied and considered himself an expert in the vedas, the upanishads and other spiritual texts. One day, Krishna asked him to visit Vrindavan and teach the gopis there the knowledge. Uddhav proudly set forth confident in being able to ‘cure’ the ‘poor’ gopis of their ‘devotion’ and teach them the ‘real’ way to know Krishna (represented God).

Upon reaching Vrindavan, he met the gopis and said, “Oh Gopis, you are so attached to Krishna, why do you not focus on his Divine nature, on the Godhead? You need to study the scriptures, the Vedas, the Upanishads to understand the nature of Krishna. Without a pursuit of knowledge, what is the meaning of life?”

All the gopis listened to him with full attention and then one said: “Oh Uddhav, Shyama (Krishna) dwells in my mind, my whole wealth is Shyama, all that I have is Shyama and every cell of my body is filled with Shyama. If Krishna represents the Supreme Godhead and he has taken every inch of me, tell me oh learned Uddhav, where shall I put your knowledge?”

Another gopi said, “Each moment makes me take sides. If I always take the side of truth and love, I gain insights. Each insight awakens me from the illusion and takes me a step closer to the supreme awakening.”

Uddhav realized how dry his life was, how dry his knowledge was without love. He realized that he hadn’t experienced Krishna the way the gopis had, he didn’t even really know his friend.

Sometimes, we can be like Uddhav- busy with lecturing, debating, analyzing the points of knowledge but we don’t take Baba’s hand, spend time with Him. We stay in our heads most of the time and think that because we listen to and understand the knowledge, we know God. Baba says, even the little kids can repeat the knowledge but you cannot reach me unless you remember Me. Because when we remember, we wash away our sins, our mistakes, our burdens. We become light and pure which is a pre-requisite to know God, to truly experience Him.

He says, the sanyasis remember the Brahm element which is the home. They don’t even know that they are souls and they certainly don’t know me. Only you children can know me, numberwise, as I am.

If I want to truly know Him, let me do what the gopis did. Remember Him alone with a lot of pure, unadulterated love. I don’t need a clever head, says Baba, I’m won over by a true, loving heart.

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