This is a study

Baba says, this is a school and you are studying. There is no question of hocus-pocus here.

When we first come to this physical world, we (the souls) are satopradhan (pure). Then as we play our parts, taking birth after re-birth, we slowly degrade having acquired the vices to the current state of tamopradhan (impure) at the end of the cycle.

Baba has come to teach us the path to becoming satopradhan again and to help us do it in this one small birth. But He says, you have to work for it, there is no question of magic. Baba teaches everyone the same lesson, at the same time but yet, as in a school, the students are all numberwise.

Knowledge gives us the understanding, the foundation. It tells us about how things were in the beginning, what happened in the middle and how the story ends. He tells us about our parts in it- who we are really. When we use that foundation and reflect on it, we realize each of those truths. When I remember Baba, I receive the strength and courage to make the changes needed.

When a situation comes, if I have the light of knowledge and the might from remembrance, I feel equipped to learn what I need to and take the necessary action. But if I haven’t done the work, I am taken by surprise, I panic, I feel betrayed and I look to Baba for ‘mercy’ or ‘help’ or for the ‘fix’. ‘Please fix this Baba…’.

Baba says, there is no question of mercy or magic. This is a school. If I ‘fix’ it for one, I have to for everyone else. That doesn’t work. I teach everyone the same, I am available to everyone equally for guidance but only some children talk to me and learn. Others forget the points the minute they leave the classroom and get ‘busy’ with their activities. They remember Me only when faced with a situation but because they don’t otherwise talk to me or connect with me, even if I tried to guide them at that time, they are unable to receive it.

So Baba urges us to remember all through the day- accumulate might in the soul. When the situation comes, view it as an opportunity to apply the learning rather than as an obstacle. When I apply the learning and overcome the situation, I gain power and confidence that moves me forward in my journey. It gives me valuable experience that helps me in the future and is something I can share with others.

This is a study, there is no hocus-pocus.

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