Godly respect

Baba says, “there is a lot of difference between Godly respect and Maya’s respect.” He asks, “are you chasing after Maya’s respect?”

Are we?

If I am still confused and think of myself as the body rather than the soul, then I am certainly chasing after Maya’s respect. I do that by trying to fit in to this old world. I chase after the popular job, next it is the promotion, the homes, cars. Its the parties, its the charity, its religion, its political affinities. Then its the spouse’s job and status, kids- what school they go to, are they good students and the celebration to let everyone know that, its the gifts we buy for others and if they are better or worth more than what others give etc. etc. It can start out looking normal but quickly lead to the downright ridiculous.

Once we are down the rabbit hole, we don’t even realize that we are there. We lose our peace of mind, we feel exhausted but we think it’s normal. We think it’s what we need to do to win respect, be someone. Baba calls it the ‘bhool bhulaiyya‘ (maze). You go through the door looking for one thing and before you know it you are lost, as you keep looking and searching but you never find what you are looking for or your way out. We feel scared and call out for a guide to come rescue us.

Baba, the Supreme Guide, is here and He is showing us the way out. Do I have the will and the courage to follow Him?

It’s hard when all our friends, our colleagues, our relatives are all in the game, in the maze, shouldn’t we be in there too? Maybe we’ll find the respect, that applause, that recognition we are looking for? Isn’t that what we should be looking for, isn’t that what will bring us happiness?

Baba reminds us, this is Maya’s world and the maze has been designed so we never win. She makes us feel we can ‘win’ so we feel enticed to keep moving further into the maze and when we are deep enough, we ‘lose’. Those who respected us once, don’t anymore. They find new friends that are more famous. We grow older and don’t look as pretty anymore. All the things that we had held on to as our identities fall off and we are not prepared for what we see.

Baba says, I come to make you sensible and worthy of Godly respect. When I remember who I am – a pure, divine soul, a child of God- I don’t get trapped in the maze, I don’t chase. I find all that I want within me. I become the person I respect such that I no longer seek it from others. I remember whom I belong to, the Fortune Maker Himself. He is teaching me the way to make my fortune for the whole cycle.

Why not follow His direction and stay out of the maze? Why not regain my self-respect, the Godly respect?

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