Baba says, ‘the cycle turns, again‘. The word ‘again’ is important.

Sometimes, we feel disheartened with our effort. We try and try but we are unable to change a sanskar and we feel perhaps, this is not meant to be. Maybe we were wrong to think that we can achieve the vision we and Baba has for us.

But Baba reminds us, ‘you are the same souls who transformed the world in the last cycle, you will do it, again‘.

It brings enormous strength to simply remember that I am the same soul that has done this countless times before. I am simply repeating the process I am so familiar with, it is recorded in the soul. It is simply playing out, again.

Baba is God. He cannot be wrong about His vision for me. If He says, I am a divine soul, then I am. He is telling me that I have been here before and that I was able to transform, then I must have. He says I can and will do it again, then I can and will.

Do I have the faith in myself and Him?

What I am going through, this phase of transformation, of stumbles and setbacks is nothing new. Let me have enough faith to dust it off and try it again, perhaps a different way.

I have God on my side and He is telling me to do it again.

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2 Responses to Again

  1. joe says:

    If we attain realization, do we eventually return to an unrealized state for the next cycle?

    • shivashakthi says:

      In the next cycle, we arrive with the awareness that we are souls but we don’t have the awareness of God. In other words, we arrive naturally soul conscious, having done the work now to realize. When the soul consciousness starts to wear off, that’s when we start to remember that there was someone who had helped us in the past and start to call out to Him.

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