Stay cool

Baba speaks about the importance of the power of coolness. It is the foundation of everything else, including truth.

Sometimes, we feel we are right and the other person is wrong and that our anger or irritation is therefore justified. Is it? Baba reminds us- the other person may indeed have made a mistake but what about you? You are on the wrong too by allowing yourself to be angry. Not only does it not help me to be angry but it does nothing to help the situation or the other person. It only makes things worse. But if I can remain calm, maintain my cool, the other person has no option but to calm down too. When they see that their words or behavior solicits no reaction, there isn’t much they can do.

Sometimes, we feel we should ‘fight’ for truth or justice. Do we? Truth that requires anger or war is no longer the truth. Truth does not need fighting, it reveals itself. I simply need to stay calm.

Sometimes, I feel I have been betrayed or wronged and I feel justified in feeling sorrow, perhaps even crying. If I can remember the Drama, I learn what I need to from that episode and move on. Feeling sorrow or crying does not allow me to think clearly or take care of myself. It only takes me deeper into the pain, and before you know it there is a whole chain of waste thoughts that start to play in my mind about how I was wronged and how unjust it was etc. etc. Best to get out before I get sucked into that quicksand.

Don’t get me wrong, coolness does not mean not saying anything or not making your case or expressing your point of view. It is about how we say it- am I able to take the emotion out of it? If I am loud and complaining and waving my hands at the world, it does not help my case at all. On the contrary, it makes me look like a victim. What I need to do, Baba says, is to shake off the victim-hood and take charge. Present my case objectively, make my points calmly and clearly. Then the other side gets to see the truth in our words, they are able to work with us. Otherwise, they think we are there to prove our point. They see stubbornness, not the truth.

Anything, not matter how true, Baba says, should be delivered with tact. Tact comes when I can be cool. Coolness comes from spending time with the Spiritual moon- Brahma Baba. He is also our Spiritual Mother. He loves us, listens to us and with his love helps us become like him. When we have the power of coolness, then we are equipped to wield the power of truth.

Stay cool, keep calm, this too shall pass.

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