Baba says, I have to come now according to the Drama to take you children back home with me. He comes only once at this auspicious confluence age.

You are so lucky, Baba says. We belong to Him. He comes and teaches us the secrets of the Unlimited Drama. Baba says, the people in the world make so much effort to become a doctor or an engineer etc., you get the inheritance. There is no effort here.

The children simply have a right to the Father’s inheritance.

By studying this simple study, you earn the true income for 21 births. You won’t have to remember Me there, you will have all you need.

I have come to take you home with me. You have to follow my direction and become pure. You do that by two ways- remember Me and spin the cycle of self-realization. In other words, study and remembrance. By studying the secrets of the Drama, I understand who I really am and that I am returning to that again. With that foundation, I touch base in remembrance with my true self, my true qualities, my divinity by touching base with Baba.

The Unlimited Father comes with the Unlimited Inheritance.

I am happy that the inheritance is for me, it is mine. He is here just for me- to make me pure and take me back with Him. Then I return to the physical world – but to the new, transformed world, the Golden Age that I helped create with Baba. There I don’t know what effort I’d made, the companionship I had with God or even understand what realization means. I just am – pure, happy, divine.

And all that came free, as inheritance from my Father. I agree with Him, I am lucky.

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