It’s a Drama

Baba says, everything happens according to the Drama. Every soul is playing their part in this Drama, it is recorded in it. Nothing can be changed, no edits, no re-takes.

In the plays, sometimes actors change but this Drama is more like a movie that has already been shot and canned. It plays our every cycle the exact same way, with the same actors, colors, background – nothing can change, it’s already recorded.

Even Baba is playing His part in this Drama, like we souls are. He is bound by the same rules. But He seems to enjoy playing His part, are we?

He comes in an impure world, filled with impure souls. At this point, misdeeds have become unbelievable, behaviors have become downright ridiculous. We’ve literally become beggars, willing to do pretty much anything for a few minutes of fame. We become slaves to bad relationships, to substances to feel a sense of high. We chase after material possessions for happiness and to win respect. In other words, we are lost and utterly confused.

So how come He still enjoys playing His part with us in this world? And especially since He knows He won’t be joining us in the pure world, in the new and improved version that He is creating! I don’t know, I might have thrown my hands up and said, ‘let them figure it out. Why should I care, it’s not like I even get invited to the new world. Why should I do all the work, with this completely confused team which is likely more trouble than help and then leave it to them!’

Baba reveals His secret to happiness – 1) He is always in realization or aware of being a soul and a specific soul. 2) As much as He plays His role in the Drama, He also watches it as a detached observer.

When I can do these two things, He says, you’ll be happy too. When I am aware of who I am, am soul conscious, become the spinner of the discuss of self-realization, then my search ends. I don’t chase after stuff -physical or emotional, I don’t need anything. I have found within me all the treasures. When I learn to watch the Drama as I would a play or a movie with different actors playing their respective parts, I don’t feel impacted by them. I am an actor when I play my own part, when it comes to the other’s parts, I am unattached, I watch it like a member of the audience and move on. I don’t try to correct the actor, compare my part with theirs, judge or show disappointment. It’s their role, they are playing it. I realize, I cannot correct them or change anything…it’s not the point. It’s a Drama.

The more I can follow the two rules, I better I will play my own part because I will be doing so with a clear, uncluttered mind. I will feel lighter and more energetic. I am here in the Drama, I have an important role to play- as a companion to God Himself. Can I be wise enough to see it and enjoy it? Can I be mature enough to stop getting in my own way, respect my part, stop comparing my part, and simply take the hand of God, trust His direction and do as He says?

It’s a Drama- remember to play your part and watch at the same time.

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