Baba says, ‘those who are humble are great in every way’. Baba is of course the personification of humility. He is God, a fact He is aware of, and yet He calls Himself our Obedient Servant. He comes to serve, not to rule, not to win prizes, not to show us how mighty He is. He comes to serve.

Service requires humility. That does not mean that I am here to ‘save’ someone, please don’t! we have enough self crowned saviors in the world. Humility means being able to introduce a soul to its Father…not to myself. Others should be able to see their Father, see their own destiny through my eyes, my face and my behavior. They should automatically want to also live a righteous life and participate in the collective effort to change the world.

Humility also means to acknowledge that I am a work in progress and that I will not get everything right. Sometimes, we have an unrealistic expectation of transforming overnight. We feel that we know all the knowledge, so it shouldn’t be hard to change, we finish the 7 day course and are ready to become an angel on day 8. Can I be humble enough to accept that I need time and a whole lot of patience to change? Can I let go of my intellectual arrogance of having mastered everything because, as Baba says, it simply isn’t true.

Humility means to be respectful of the unique journey each soul is on. Baba never imposes Himself on a soul. He gives the soul time to learn, digest and arrive at the realization. He doesn’t roll His eyes in frustration or judge us as being ‘slow’. Given all the conditioning that we souls have been through for half a cycle, He knows it will take time and so He never tires of repeating His teaching over and over again, in different ways until we get it. Love also requires humility.

Humility means to put the other first. It means that I value the person, the soul above roles, positions or status. It’s about opening the door for someone else irrespective of how we stack up in the social hierarchy, it’s being willing to listen and learn from everyone. It’s being able to laugh at myself and share my failures just as much as my successes.

Humility is opening the doors of my mind to God and accepting His Hand of love, of help, of guidance. He’s here for us, willing to help, am I humble enough to admit to myself that I need it?

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