The journey of remembrance

Baba says, this is a journey of remembrance. It’s a journey, that’s important to remember.

In bhakti (worship), we prayed and then went about our lives. It was more like we had a moment in our day or perhaps a few minutes where we stood in front of a picture or an idol and bowed down to who we thought was God. We spoke or asked is perhaps more like it and hoped that God was listening. We struck a deal with Him- O God, these are my troubles, please make them go away and I will fast a whole week. O God, please let me pass my exam, I will visit your temple a whole month. And we thought what God liked was praise and we genuinely believed it when we said – O God, you are so high, I am so low. You are so mighty, I am so little and weak. You are so pure, I am a sinner. Please take mercy on me.

Baba says a few things. First He says, that’s not me and no, that’s certainly not how things work. He comes and gives us His own introduction, clears away the myths surrounding Him. He asks us to relate to Him, not pray to Him. He asks us to be His companions, not His devotees. He calls us His friends, not His followers. Spend time with me as you would with the one you love, He says.

This is a journey we are taking together. I have come just for you and I will take you back with me. It’s a journey…

So I don’t pray for a few minutes, I remember throughout the day as I would a dear friend. I talk to Him, I laugh with Him, I eat with Him, play with Him. I ask for advice, I open my heart to Him. He is my eternal Companion and He is with me on this journey.

When I stumble, He picks me up and dusts me off. He teaches, He coaches but most importantly, He simply loves. He’s just there with me, for me always. You see, this is a journey we are on together.

Hence, we remember, we don’t pray or even meditate. We just remember Him lovingly and let ourselves get lost in His light, in His love, in His embrace. I don’t stretch my hand to beg or plead, I hold His hand and walk beside Him.

The destination is our home, I haven’t been back in a while and so He’s here to take me with Him. I won’t come back to this old world – there is no return journey. My next stop after our home is the new world, the transformed world, the golden aged world. He says He won’t come there, I’ll need to go by myself again as I have many times before but He promises to come back to pick me up again and I promise to be there waiting.

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