Intoxicated with God

Baba says, ‘you children should be so intoxicated’. Indeed.

When I remember who I am and whom I belong to, indeed, I am intoxicated. I am a deity soul, the child of God. Not just any child of God either, I am one that has recognized the Father and belong to Him. Does that give me goosebumps?

I am being taught by God Himself. He comes at this confluence age especially for me and teaches me the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the cycle. He teaches me the history and geography of the world. Do I have the faith and the realization of Who is my Teacher?

God comes into my life and becomes my world. He is my Parent, Teacher, Guide but also my Friend, Child and Companion. He fills my world with only goodness, only love and kindness, helps me break free from any sorrow causing habits or relationships or anything really to do with this old world. Am I spending time with Him and being true to my relationships with Him?

God reminds me of who I really am. A divine soul, an elevated soul. Someone with the most elevated, Godlike character. Someone who is 16 celestial degrees complete, completely viceless, full of all virtues. He reminds me that when I was that, I was the master of the world and that I will be that once again. Do I remember who I am?

Baba wonders how we are not intoxicated despite having so much? He says if we were, we’d be so happy. We’d be thinking about and serving all the time. We’d be figuring out different ways to give His introduction to other souls, help them meet their Father and gain their inheritance. Baba says, I am such an Obedient Teacher but not all children remember what I teach, they forget. It’s as if they don’t change at all.

Can I afford to forget? More importantly, would I want to forget the only source that can give me true, pure love. Not only is that a disservice to myself but also to the world because by forgetting, I am unable to perform my duty to serve the world, to introduce others to their Father and their rightful inheritance. Can I afford to see souls continue to wander, continue to be peaceless? Can I afford to neglect my brothers and sisters?

I belong to God! When I remember that, I am intoxicated. And when I am intoxicated with the remembrance of the One, nothing of this world can take its place. Instead, others feel drawn to drink out of my cup and pretty soon, the world is a different place.

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